Life Lesson Poems

Life Lesson Poems

Poems about Life Lessons

It has been said that life is the most patient teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation. This is not because life is cruel. Rather, it is because things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we don't deal with them. One form of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes. When you are presented with a painful experience, take the time to think about how you can avoid it in the future. This is an example of a lesson learned.

83 Poems about Lessons Learned from Mistakes

  1. 1. The Jealous Heart

    I've known jealous people and have found that they're sometimes their own worst enemy. In jealousy's extreme state, a person can become unreasonable, obsessive, possessive, suspicious and even abusive. What a jealous person fails to realize is that their relentless behavior is denying them the very person and feelings of love they desire.

    The Self-Defeating Consequences Of Jealousy

    Jealousy is such an ugly beast,
    Consuming in a ruthless feast,
    Every thought of rational notions
    Or capacity for gentler emotions,
    Filling the heart with resentment
    That denies it any contentment.

    Jealousy born from inane fictions,
    Rains down its cruel maledictions
    On the victim of its ravenous rage.
    It tries the skills of the wisest sage
    To end jealousy's condemnation,
    Saving its author from damnation.

    The jealous person's egoistic infection
    Is a fear of losing another's affection.
    Their mind is consumed with emotion,
    Demanding they have total devotion.
    A jealous heart is a foe that conspires
    Against the very one it deeply desires.

    The jealous heart can turn to hate,
    Authoring its own indignant fate.
    For jealousy finds it hard to bear
    The joy and love others can share.
    So, a jealous heart will foolishly steal
    Away all the love that it longs to feel.

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  3. 2. Delight In

    Each second is another chance to do the extraordinary, to take up a new challenge, to live an amazing experience, to make your life special. Life is precious but short. Whatever you do, wherever you go, in the end what finally matters is nothing but how happy you felt and if you enjoyed the journey. The clock is ticking every second. It stops for none. If time has no brake, why should our happiness have one?

    Make Each Day Worth It

    If you're tired of doing nothing
    Rubbing your eyes until they're red
    Getting bored and feeling blank
    With no thoughts in your head

    Wondering what to do
    Staring at nowhere
    Scribbling on some sheet
    Sitting on the chair

    Get up and do a twirl
    And dance upon your feet
    Greet yourself in the mirror
    Or give yourself a treat

    Listen to your favorite music
    Cook, sing or play
    Do what you love to
    Just enjoy your day

    Relish the sweet silence
    Let the wind blow across your face
    Shower a bunch of flowers
    In nature, you'll find solace

    Every second counts
    There is no time to waste
    Make best use of all of it
    For it can't be replaced

    Travel, trek and hike
    Get wet in the pitter patter
    Smile your way, wherever you go
    As all those memories matter

    Life is full of moments
    Moments of love and laughter
    What matters is to make them special
    That you'll remember after

    Appreciate all experiences
    Your goals you will achieve
    Make each day worth it
    You must live before you leave

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  5. 3. A Healthy Mind

    Every day, we brush our teeth to keep them clean, and we take a bath to clean our body. We eat nutritious food to keep ourselves healthy and active. Our elders teach us good manners, etiquette, discipline, and whatnot. But we often forget about our mind. Why? Isn't it an equally important part of us? If we cleanse our bodies, why not our minds? What about the thoughts? Why not keep our minds healthy? Won't the rise of positivity in our minds lead to a rise of tranquility in our lives?

    Why Does Your Mindset Matter?

    Can a lush green forest grow
    On a barren piece of land?
    Or a building be constructed
    On a giant heap of sand?

    Can you make a house of cards
    On a crooked table top?
    Or on uncultivable ground
    Expect a healthy crop?

    There is a major problem
    In each of the above case.
    Something all these lack
    Is a strong and sturdy base

    From the very start to the infinite
    In this world of creation,
    The quality of what arises
    Is a product of its foundation

    Everything in this cosmos,
    Be it at dusk or at dawn,
    The output is enhanced
    By the core it grows upon

    Roses and lilies blossom
    On serene fertile land
    Hardly grows a single branch
    In a desert full of sand

    Quite closely this is connected
    To the mind of a human
    His perceptions and beliefs,
    Outlook and acumen

    A heart full of love
    Spreads selfless affection
    While one full of hatred
    Gives way to devastation

    The caring and the wise
    Give aid to the needy
    Just one wrong step on the wrong path
    Makes a person greedy

    Necessary is the condition
    To develop a healthy mindset
    For happy attitude, an easy life
    And satisfaction at the sunset

    Heal yourself with silence
    Feel the bliss of the breeze
    Provide comfort to others
    For negative thoughts to cease

    Let's open doors to positivity
    Become pure from within
    Greet ourselves and guide others
    It's never too late to begin

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  6. 4. Tightrope

    A person's strong suit sometimes can morph into a flaw. It's often better to be careful to avoid extremes.

    Minding Our Virtues

    It's sometimes hard to see
    How close a virtue and vice can be,
    Yet the borderline of the two
    Should we respect in all we do.

    Being frank without a little tact
    Can turn to rudeness after the fact.
    Being brave may be a step away
    From foolhardiness any given day.

    When suspicion becomes routine
    Paranoia is sure to settle in.
    And when making humility a show
    Pride readily begins to grow.

    Where gentleness lacks a bit of nerve
    Weakness is what others observe.
    And where self-confidence is found
    Arrogance often lurks around.

    It's a borderline hard to tread
    And plunges tend to lie ahead,
    But it's by heeding moderation's call
    That we can safely avoid a fall.

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  7. 5. Time Keeps Marching On

    The poem is about how time passes and what's really important is how we've used that time.

    Reflecting On The Passage Of Time

    Time passes all so quickly,
    Moments melting into years.
    It's true, time waits for no one,
    And the end is always near.

    We live a life so tenuous,
    So easily it's gone.
    And no matter what we each endure,
    Time keeps marching on.

    We take refuge in the moment,
    And we cling to every day.
    We pretend it's all forever,
    Just to keep the end at bay.

    We hearken back to childhood,
    When the world was filled with treasures,
    And our lives and what the future held
    Was beyond what we could measure.

    When our family was our everything,
    There was still no place like home.
    And with our best friends by our sides,
    We came into our own.

    And though we took our private paths,
    We all have kept in mind
    That in life our greatest struggle,
    Is our battle against time.

    Will we get to know what true love is?
    Will we have the things we need?
    Will we conquer all our greatest fears?
    Will we fail or will we succeed?

    And then as we grow older,
    And the future shrinks away,
    Our lives become more memories
    And less about today.

    We share our wisdom and our hope
    With the children in our lives,
    And say good-bye to those we loved,
    Who once stood by our side.

    But there's a peace in growing old,
    As time becomes more dear.
    And who we are and why we're here
    Becomes so crystal clear.

    And we see time is not the enemy,
    But how that time was lived.
    And if we took all that we could,
    Or gave all that we could give.

    For in our final hours,
    As our time begins to wane.
    The goodness that our soul's bestowed,
    Is all that shall remain.

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    Another lovely poem, Patricia - keep them coming. Very best wishes, Ann

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  8. 6. The Best Day Of My Life

    How do you decide if your day was good? When good things happened to you, is it? But what will happen and what will not is not in our control. So, does that mean the good days are not in our hands. I feel that we have formed an incorrect perspective of what is meant a good day. It is my life, my day, my actions, then why should it be dependent on the materialistic or short-lived things. Here is what I think a best day is and how we should live to make each day the best.

    Each Day Can Be The Best

    The best day of my life,
    When will it be?
    When I score top grades,
    Or get a meal free?

    Or gain great respect
    Or buy a beautiful mansion,
    Or travel the world
    Or live sans tension?

    If I pause my assumptions
    To give it a thought,
    That day of my life
    Is not one in the lot.

    Yes, my best day
    Will not be of my success,
    But the day I overcome
    My failure distress.

    The day I treat me well,
    The day I respect me,
    The day I impress me,
    The day I feel free.

    The day I am determined,
    The day I stand confident,
    The day I feel proud of me,
    The day I am ardent.

    The day when I love me,
    The day when I stop strife.
    That will surely be
    The best day of my life.

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  9. 7. These Stories We Wear

    these stories we wear –


    are wrongly labelled
    as imperfections.

    but aren’t they such beautiful,
    courageous signs
    of how we have lived?

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  10. 8. Moving Toward Temporary

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 31, 2021

    Moving forward is hard. I've lost a meaningful relationship, careers, and even hope. Yet although the struggle of life can try to push me down, I think it's important to remember life is like the seasons. Although there may be a rough winter, spring is always right behind it. Life moves on. You keep moving forward.

    Moving Forward In Life

    Sometimes your best isn't enough
    And happiness comes after sorrow
    Life isn't always going to be rough
    Yet, I can't speak for tomorrow

    Love doesn't come for free
    And hard work is sometimes fatal
    Forgiveness isn't always easy
    And wars can be mental

    We know living can be stressful
    And it's hard to see the blessings
    In all things, try to be thankful
    And try and find a silver lining

    When pain is persistent
    And the hurt seems too heavy
    Remember you are resilient
    And this is temporary

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  11. 9. Teach Them Well

    You are not defined
    by the way other people
    see you
    treat you
    love you

    You are defined
    by the way you
    see yourself
    treat yourself
    love yourself

    Others will do unto you
    as you teach them how to;
    teach them well

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  12. 10. Life Will Bloom When It Is Ready

    I keep pulling
    on my roots
    urging them to grow
    impatient for the bloom
    and the sunshine
    and the growth
    but it doesn’t work like that
    tears flow, soil drenches and dries
    there have to be some slower days
    some rainfall, even snow
    —life will bloom when it is ready

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  13. 11. What I Would Have Done Differently

    There would have been
    so much I would have
    done differently
    if only I had known
    how beautifully
    it would all turn out.

    But, you see, if I had
    done even just one
    thing differently,
    it might not have
    turned out the way it did.

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    First off, I like the poem. I too have pondered that same notion about going back in time and changing things for a better outcome. It's hard to say either way. Things could have been better...

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  14. 12. When You Are Willing To Let Go

    When you are willing
    to let go of
    what you are used to
    and what you are
    comfortable with,

    you will be given
    exactly what you need
    to get to where
    you truly want to be.

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  15. 13. Life Isn't Black And White

    You can be unhappy and still be in love.
    You can be in love and still walk away.
    You can walk away and still feel the weight of loss.
    You can feel the weight of loss and still stand tall.
    You can stand tall and still be grieving.
    You can be grieving and still find joy.
    You can find joy and still miss what you had.
    You can miss what you had and still long
    for more.

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  16. 14. Possibilities

    Nobody sees the future so hardly are we absolutely sure how things will turn out. But then if we wait till we are before we act, we'd accomplish very little.

    Motivation About Making Attempts

    We never know if we're right
    If we're not willing to be wrong.
    We never know how far we'd go
    If we never fight hard and long.

    No one can learn to walk
    When they are not inclined to crawl.
    If we want something to stand,
    We have to risk letting it fall.

    Many are prospects for success
    That quietly pass us by
    Merely because we're no longer willing
    To step out and give it a try.

    There are opportunities to fly
    We miss sheltered in our cocoon.
    Many are chances for a win,
    We miss because we quit too soon.

    Life stows hard realities.
    Mistakes at times, we're bound to make.
    But it's also full of possibilities;
    It's up to us how much we take.

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    A wonderful poem and so true...
    If we live in wait and hesitate, who knows what a future we would make. Life can change in an instant. Nothing is for sure. We should if we could take any...

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  17. 15. One Hundred Sixty-Six

    From Tanya Markul's second poetry book, The She Book v.2

    Taking Care Of Yourself

    I used to believe
    that I had to learn
    how to love myself
    before I could take care
    of myself.

    But I’ve realized that
    taking care of myself
    is actually teaching me
    how to love myself.

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  18. 16. Fighting For Their Affection

    If they make you
    work for their attention
    fight for their affection
    beg for their love


    you will spend a lifetime


    that was never yours
    and never will be.

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    A sad truth that takes many of us far too long to realize. Just because we want something or even think we deserve it, doesn't mean we will get it or even need it.

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  19. 17. The Milestone

    One of the most
    important milestones
    I ever reached in my life
    was accepting that
    people won’t always love you
    the way you want
    them to.

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  20. 18. Lessons From Dad

    This was a Christmas gift to my children. So much of what I learned from my Dad seemed to soak in by osmosis, simply by a lifetime of observing a quiet, thoughtful and reverent man. He is in his 90s now and keeps a framed copy of this poem in his office.

    Learning From One's Father

    Love someone as best you can,
    but love.

    And have a dog,
    for it can show you the truest love.

    Know God,
    and life will make more sense.

    Accept that things may fail,
    but do all that you can.

    Learn, and live on the better for it.
    Learn to smile.

    Respect and find good in all you can,
    and try to avoid the rest.

    Be true to yourself,
    but also serve others.

    Lead by example
    and with care.

    Find comfort in working good earth,
    and grow as well yourself.

    Be there for your family,
    but wait quietly.

    Try to heal their hurts,
    but most of all, let them grow.

    Be responsible.
    Be known as a truly "gentle man or woman."

    Do what you know is right,
    and don't forget to sing.

    Live so others will say,
    "That is the nicest person."

    There is no greater dignity than the respect
    given to one who is truly humble.

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  21. 19. Life Lines

    The best use of a list poem may be to pass along a lifetime of lessons, learned from experience and through the examples of others who have inspired me. Enjoy these and perhaps use them to make your own.

    A Lifetime Of Learning

    Walk where you have never been
    and wonder at the beauty of this world.

    Wish for the best, but work,
    and for its own reward.

    Give more than you receive
    and share of it.

    Be moderate in all things,
    except goodness.

    Wait your turn
    and, on occasion, give it away.

    Learn, if just to know,
    grow wise.

    Dream often,
    and find a way to live your fondest.

    Do all you can
    never to hurt another.

    Help someone daily;
    it will heal your hurt as well.

    Find something you enjoy;
    it takes but one to make you happy.

    for a book can change your life.

    Write your own story,
    you may change another's world.

    Restore something old
    and treasure it.

    Reward freely,
    repay always.

    The greatest dignity is in the respect
    given to one who is humble.

    Obey and serve,
    when it is due.

    Always do what is right,
    but do so ever with kindness.

    Be confident in yourself
    and humble before all others.

    Befriend those who need,
    for they can be the truest.

    Love wholly and long
    one who is worthy.

    Give and receive love fully,
    for that is the breath of life.

    Be kind to all who will accept it,
    and be fair to all others.

    Beware that some are not good
    and avoid, but never fear them.

    Believe in something better,
    and live to make it true.

    Dig in good earth;
    sow new life.

    Reap with pride;
    cook for pleasure.

    Live fully within each moment you have,
    for time will not return the chance.

    Laugh out loud,
    listen always.

    Know the taste of longing
    and the joy of play.

    Listen to the music
    you can find in silence.

    Sing for the joy of it,
    dance for its freedom.

    Pray, even when it hard to believe,
    for man was not meant to be alone.

    Save for tomorrow,
    each day.

    Share from your heart
    and with your hands.

    Forgive as you can,
    for we are all only human.

    Accept what you cannot change,
    remember warmly and wisely.

    Stand for something that matters,
    treasure memories most of all.

    Trust when you can,
    but doubt when you ought.

    Know that despite it all,
    life is good.

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  22. 20. Never Say That Word

    Tired of all the hate in the world. I hope the next generation will remove this word from their vocabulary.

    Don't Use The Word Hate

    It is a small word
    with a big bite,
    the worst ever heard;
    it is just not polite.

    If you could hold it,
    it would feel like a ton.
    Beware not to use it;
    it hurts, even in fun.

    It never feels nice.
    It should never be heard.
    Please take my advice
    and use another word.

    You know how it feels
    when someone says it to you.
    It takes forever to heal,
    even though it's not true.

    You must not forget.
    Never make that mistake.
    You will live with regret
    if you use the word HATE.

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