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  1. 61. What Makes You Better Than Me?

    I wrote this because my beautiful daughter who is nine was getting teased at school from other students. As she told me this one day, she showed me how smart she really was and did not allow these ignorant children to affect her at all. She was bright enough to feel sorry for them instead of herself. Thank you, Emily, my inspiration!

    Teased At School Poem

    Who are you to think of me the way you do?
    Who gave you the right to rant about me?
    Tell me who deemed you the man or the judge?
    Why do you hold in so much jealousy?
    Who are you to stare and make fun and make me your next casualty?
    You silly little person, what makes you think in any way that you are better than me?
    Material things you may have more of,
    but that is not what makes me.
    I am a very beautiful person inside and I am filled with nothing but generosity.
    So when and if you ever wise up
    and begin to understand that there is more to life then cruelty,
    you will come to this place where I am at.
    Filled with love, joy, everlasting happiness and much assurance.
    Hopefully you can see past all the hurt that you are spitting out.
    Come on, it's time to grow up and understand what this life is really about,
    because money and things don't make a person only.
    Your inside makes who you are.
    Don't continue to be so harsh to others.
    Learn to shine brighter than that shooting star
    So again I must ask of you be true to who you really are.
    In every way I think of you as a beautiful person,
    so what makes you so much better than me?

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    I was touched. No, I was delighted. The poem hit home immediately. I was ridiculed as a child and it made me believe what others said. But over those harsh years, I have learned that life is...

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  2. 62. Black & White

    • By Maria
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    Changes can be seen in photos.

    All the children crowd around
    Waiting to hear a story,
    A story about the "old days."
    We wait and wait.
    You're about to talk,
    But instead of a story
    You pull out a photo.

    Some children get up
    To leave, but
    With such a steady voice
    You say, "Sit, I have something to show."

    You show us that photo,
    but it's weird.
    It doesn't have any colors.
    It's black and white

    You preach about how times have changed,
    That they will always change.

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  3. 63. To Ashes

    • By Robert Durdle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2015

    This is a poem I wrote at a very young age when I was "green" and full of imagination.

    Life Is Like A Fire

    Life is like a fire.
    If you can't control your flame,
    You're bound to be burned.

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  4. 64. Cool It Down

    Our egos can get the best of us sometimes as human beings. But humility is wisdom, and I constantly ask God for this grace. We all should.

    Living With Humility

    You're not so important
    That you can't be replaced.
    If you leave today,
    Someone will fill your space;
    Cool it down.

    You're not that mighty
    That you cannot fall.
    Sometimes what will make you trip
    Is something really small;
    Cool it down.

    You're not that wise
    To justly give into pride.
    You can learn useful lessons,
    Sometimes from a little child;
    Cool it down.

    You're not that excellent
    By earning other's applause.
    Same folks that shout your praise
    Can still point out your flaws;
    Cool it down.

    Don't get so confident
    To presume you're the only one.
    Should you die today,
    Life will simply go on;
    Cool it down.

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  5. 65. Moving Toward Temporary

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 31, 2021

    Moving forward is hard. I've lost a meaningful relationship, careers, and even hope. Yet although the struggle of life can try to push me down, I think it's important to remember life is like the seasons. Although there may be a rough winter, spring is always right behind it. Life moves on. You keep moving forward.

    Moving Forward In Life

    Sometimes your best isn't enough
    And happiness comes after sorrow
    Life isn't always going to be rough
    Yet, I can't speak for tomorrow

    Love doesn't come for free
    And hard work is sometimes fatal
    Forgiveness isn't always easy
    And wars can be mental

    We know living can be stressful
    And it's hard to see the blessings
    In all things, try to be thankful
    And try and find a silver lining

    When pain is persistent
    And the hurt seems too heavy
    Remember you are resilient
    And this is temporary

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  6. 66. The Milestone

    One of the most
    important milestones
    I ever reached in my life
    was accepting that
    people won’t always love you
    the way you want
    them to.

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  7. 67. How To Fight An Ego

    • By Angie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Boxing with an takes a lot out of you!

    Have you ever fought an ego?
    It's a pretty tough thing to beat
    It has no face, no head, no heart
    It has no hands or feet

    You cannot see it with your eyes
    No matter how long you stare
    And though you cannot touch it
    It will let you know it's there

    An ego will fight dirty
    An ego does not care
    It will kick and stomp and bite you
    But it's invisible, so beware!

    An ego's really ugly
    Although it has no face
    It lives and breathes and haunts you
    From it's own time and space

    The only way to defeat it
    Is to leave it's ugly home
    And this, my friends, is what is made
    Of flesh and blood and bone

    Turn your back and walk away
    Don't sing it's ugly song
    It's going to take all of your might
    Before it's really gone

    The only way to kill it
    (It's hard, but you must try)
    Is to open your mouth, take a deep breath
    And firmly say, "Good-bye!"

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  8. 68. Lessons

    I love to write. Hope this one speaks to those that read it! Let me know what you think. I am 54 years of age and live in South Carolina. Enjoy Brenda

    What are the lessons that we so deeply need to learn? Are they lessons of making things better and bright? Are they lessons of change making things right?

    Are they lessons that teach us today? Lessons of hope, are they honest and true? These lessons are what make me and you!

    These lessons we learn are they happy or sad? Do we love and forgive or do we stay mad? The lessons in life are future events.

    Lessons not handled make empty a plan, a lesson in life is like two birds in the hand. One lesson to love one lesson to hate. Which one to choose? Which one to make.

    Lessons not easy so hard to discern, no better answer than the lesson well learned. Learn the lessons the people say. Lessons well learned are easy to replay.

    When the lesson is learned you don't make the same plan. You know the one that was messed up, that bad deal of a hand.

    Lessons in life are awesome at best because of the change that it makes in our hearts. They are lessons in life that never depart. Learn the lessons with all your heart.

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    What are we meant for? What does God have planned for us? We all have a purpose; that's what keeps us going, to keep living, to find out what we are meant to do in the world. God chooses our...

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  9. 69. Life

    Love will help you over come anything

    Love Will Help Overcome

    You never know what you got
    'Till someone takes it all away
    It always seemed so close
    But now I know it's so far away
    You never know where to turn
    Until you've missed the chance
    It's usually to late
    When you're ready to ask, "May I have this dance?"
    I thought I knew what it was like
    To have everything I wanted
    But then one thing occurred to me
    After I was badly taunted
    There are few things I need in life
    One of these is love
    I've learned this through hate and strife
    The other is loyal friends
    Who will stand by you forever
    I have one of these
    And I will release it never
    Not even if you say, "Pretty please."
    So please help me now
    I need come love
    And I can tell you this
    It isn't going to come from above
    I know it's true
    I've been a bad kid
    And when I've had a problem
    I've always ran and hid
    But that's got to change
    I've got to deal with it
    'Cause if I don't now
    I'm going to throw a fit
    I've tried to end my life
    It didn't go too well
    This world is filled with hate and strife
    All I've got to say is, "Farewell!"

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    This poem is so true for sooo many people. one of those people is me. I have been teased and humiliated ever since I was a mere toddler. I have learned to deal with it, but deep inside I am a...

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  10. 70. Listen To Your Child's Stories

    My name is Nandita Shanbhag. I am a copy writer by profession and a poetess by passion. I love to express my thoughts in verses. If my poem can touch a heart or heal a soul , I feel that I have fulfilled my objective.
    My dream is to spearhead a movement for the creation of a world where children will be secure and happy and live their lives to the fullest.
    My parents, my sister and my dear friends always motivate me. I am encouraged at every step by my loving husband. My lovely daughters are my inspiration.

    First day Lily arrived late from school
    Mom thought she was playing the fool
    Angrily, what happened asked she
    Lily replied "A monster detained me"
    Mom said "That is so absurd!"
    There are no monsters in this world

    The second day her schoolwork was in a mess
    Mom thought that she was being careless
    She asked "What were you doing all day?
    From the monster, I was trying to hide away
    Mom said "This is so absurd!"
    There are no monsters in this world

    The third day Lily refused to go at all
    Mom felt it was just a tantrum small
    She threatened her with a beating
    Lily replied "The monster may be waiting"
    Mom said "This is so absurd!"
    There are no monsters in this world

    The fourth day, Lily complained of a stomach ache
    Mom said please do not fake
    She said I am tired of your repeated lies
    Lily replied "The monster will make me cry"
    Mom said "This is so absurd!"
    There are no monsters in this world

    The fifth day, Lily fell ill and took to her bed
    Mom forced her to go to school instead
    She ranted at her, asked her why
    The monster will hurt me, I shall surely die
    Mom said "This is so absurd!"
    There are no monsters in this world

    For this little girl, there was no sixth sunrise
    For her new teacher was a monster in disguise
    He caught her alone and took her life
    After torturing her for hours with a knife
    Monsters are real, the mom realized too late
    If only she could have saved her baby from this fate

    So listen to your child's stories really well
    About her little anxieties they may tell
    A sordid tale may be hidden in her tears,
    Lend a patient ear to her innocent fears.
    Pay attention to her words and understand
    For her safety and security lie in your hands.

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    I live in Louisiana, about 7 years ago I had new neighbors move next door to me, not knowing the Mother of two girls one 4,the other 12 years old had married a child molester, in which she...

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  11. 71. Little Girl

    • By Shannon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    To all the people who think these through life rather than just living. That spend all their time wondering what they are doing wrong instead of just letting things happen.

    Little girl don't be afraid,
    Afraid that you think this way,
    Afraid that you know all these things,
    These things that make the mystery.

    Don't be afraid that the world is in your hands,
    Spin it at your own speed,
    Take anything you want,
    Take anything you need.

    Don't be afraid at these words that jump off the page,
    Afraid to write rather than to say,
    All these thought that you have,
    Locked in your cage.

    Little girl please don't be afraid to live this life,
    this life that you only have one chance,
    Don't be afraid to get out of your seat,
    Afraid to get up and dance.

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  12. 72. My Gift To My Great Grandmother

    • By Serbrina R. Walker
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    The secret of living a successful life.

    We sometimes complain that times are rough.
    Money is tight and the going is tough.
    The problem of life seems to conspire
    To shake you, break you, and drag you through mire
    It's a tradition to rise up to conditions.
    You sometimes worry or stew or fret
    When public opinion is against you
    And false rumors arouse suspicion
    It's a tradition to rise above conditions.
    On the pathway of life you have aims and ambitions
    to make your mark and pay the world your tuition.
    Some folks may laugh at your rendition but remember
    It's a tradition to rise above conditions
    So whatever your task in life may be,
    Keep on climbing fancy free.
    Give your life to God in humble submission,
    Keep on living the tradition.

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  13. 73. Another Chance To Say Sorry

    I am 13 and wrote this poem after I was thinking of what I could do to show my forgiveness other than in words. I started thinking that time doesn't really stop so you can fix your sins, but every day when the sun rises, you can come up with a way to be sorry and prove it. You can say sorry so many times and each time it could mean something else. You can be saying sorry but really think this is a waste of you time, or you could actually mean it. You have to let the other person know what kind of sorry you are saying.

    It is a word
    It has no substance
    I cannot hold it
    Nor can I prove its reason
    Sorry is an excuse
    To be sorry
    Truly sorry
    You have to believe in second chances
    A way to mend what was broken
    To mean your forgiveness
    Sorry is just a word
    You have to prove it by taking second chances
    For the come along
    Every once in a long while

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  14. 74. Everbodys Watching

    • By Kaylin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    I wrote this poem because there were people watching me and my friends and were telling bad stuff about every thing we did and we found out that everyone was watching and because its true everybody is watching so be careful what you do.

    People See, People Hear
    Eyes Watch far and near
    The stare and glare
    And watch with wonder
    They always compare
    With harsh words
    That sound like thunder
    People feel, People run
    People hide what they have done
    Then they watch to feel better
    Spread the word like a open letter
    But hurt people on the way
    They watch again to make it OK
    But always know that people watch
    For good or bad
    To make it better or sad
    Do what is good when no ones there
    Cause you might be unaware
    That every one's watching

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  15. 75. No Excuse

    • By Imani
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    Not all people have reasons for their sadness, but that doesn't mean their life is luxurious.

    Poem About Realizing My Life Isn't That Bad

    To think
    Someone out there has it worse

    They probably never sleep
    Or maybe skip every meal
    Never go a day clean

    Family Issues

    And the reasons to what I call depression
    Are just a big excuse

    I might have it bad
    But they have it worse

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  16. 76. Regret

    • By Brooke Hoffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    All through out high school I was more focused on making friends and what I looked like rather than actual school work. during my senior year I found out I would not be graduating and sat on the side while the class of '08 graduated without me. That summer my best friend went off to college without me and my world got a wake up call. I decided to finish high school and will be graduating on the 19th of December. Then I will meet my best friend at The University of Arizona.

    How do you go on knowing that you failed
    and all your friends suddenly disappeared and bailed
    Can you see the shame on everyone's face
    and your parents look at you like your the biggest disgrace
    All this time you blamed everyone else
    but all along it was none other than yourself
    Now your stuck here paying the price
    It's up to you, how are you going to change your life
    Will you sit there and look like your lost
    or are you going to get up and pay the cost
    Don't sit there and reminisce the past
    for the future is coming and it's coming fast
    So make some memories, ones to remember
    because you my friend will graduate in December
    So how do you go on knowing that you failed
    just smile to the world cause you could have bailed

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    I was asked to move after living 15 years in a house my mother owned. At first I was devastated but as time went on and we found a fixer upper I began to enjoy the idea of not being under my...

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  17. 77. Traveling Man

    This poem is dedicated to people, who at times must makes steps in life of which we may have no choice!

    Traveling Through Life's Choices

    Take my hand and lead me down the road
    Bundle me up, keep me from the cold
    Step by step, my feet constantly ache
    Rock by rock, my poor legs start to shake

    Deep waters I need to quench my thirst
    Soon the flaming hot sun will surely burst!
    The wind from the trees is something I truly need
    To make travelin' on a short path, indeed!

    OH! How I wonder what lies on ahead...
    Pushing on down this road is something I dread
    Do I stop and collapse in the sand?
    NO! NO! NO! I am what I am and that's a "TRAVELIN' MAN"!!!

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  18. 78. Disabled One

    This poem relates a true sequence of events from my case files at Names changed to protect client's privacy. Chrissy is now enjoying a safe life with husband and children. Robert remains free but his predatory activities have been closed down. All is well.

    Chrissy grew up hard
    she could not hear
    uncertain and lonely
    other kids would jeer.

    Robert grew up mean
    kicked dogs who were small
    being a bully
    made him feel so tall.

    Chrissy needed a job
    no one would hire
    for she was disabled
    and life was dire.

    Chrissy answered an ad
    in the City Times
    this time she was hired
    by a man full of crimes.

    Robert - her boss
    yes, she worked for this dude
    cruelly abused
    he made her pose nude.

    There is more to this time
    but we won't go there
    Chrissy lived through it
    with no need to share.

    Chrissy kept searching
    'til she finally found
    a job which would use her
    but not by the pound.

    She thought she was leaving
    evil Robert behind
    but that never works
    not with his kind.

    A predator wants
    to pick on the weak
    the victim's terror
    is what they seek.

    Robert emailed her job
    put her address online,
    put up Websites about her
    he was feeling fine.

    But the world moves on
    and now ...

    Chrissy has a loving husband
    two daughters to protect
    and a heart which has healed
    from society's neglect.

    And Chrissy has found
    she has friends on the Net
    who champion her cause
    that's how good it can get.

    Better than that
    no longer scared and sad
    our Chrissy's grown up
    and she's hopping mad!

    Robert is running
    as his Websites go down
    his emails don't work
    (that gives him a frown).

    He finds that his preying
    is not worth a dime
    now scared when confronted
    with the warrants of crime.

    Now I ask you truly
    how is this labeled;
    is it Chrissy or Robert
    who is truly disabled?

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    This is a piece that ended happily thereafter for Chrissie & worse thereof for Robert-the truly disabled. I love the Disabled One, it really shows that after rain comes shine to those who...

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  19. 79. Lessons Taught

    • By Lucille J. Homewood
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Of Life's little lessons

    Sit up straight,speak with grace
    Be a lady, fashionably late.
    Always walk tall, you can
    have it all.

    Love with a passion
    give from the heart,
    Life is a circle
    no stop and no start.

    Give them your best
    be happy and gay
    All of the turmoil
    not spoil the day.

    Life is a gamble,
    not easy, but rough
    Always remember
    It's all small stuff.

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  20. 80. Holocaust

    • By Skylar
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

    During the Holocaust, many lives were lost. Women, Men, Boys, and Girls. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons daughters. Not just Jewish people too. They took them all. We must never forget these 6 million people and who killed them.

    We Must Never Forget

    6 million people, 12 million hands
    Strapped together like rubber bands.
    6 million people, 12 million eyes,
    Mother and children with last goodbyes.
    6 million people, 6 million hearts,
    Family, lives, and spirits torn apart.
    What we've lost in the Holocaust
    All we can't forget,
    We'll make the Nazis regret.

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