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  1. The Wisdom Of Children

    Wonder what it's like to be scared every day,
    Knowing war and destruction are on the way?
    Not able to run and play in the park,
    Never camp out in the yard after dark.

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  3. Forgiveness

    • By Mary Masillo
    • Published: January 2008

    I know forgiveness is good for my soul and my health.
    A smile on my face is definitely my personal wealth.
    I've lived too long holding a grudge
    And found out if I wanted it to end I had to budge,

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  4. The Curse Of Social Media

    Dangers Of Social Media

    I'll post all those pictures of me having fun,
    Wearing my happiest grin.
    Add a few comments to enhance the effect,
    And impress all my great Facebook friends.

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  6. Life Lessons

    • By Kimberly Johnson
    • Published: July 2012
    Nurse Learn From Patient Poem

    I sat at the bedside
    of a dying man.
    With tears in his eyes,
    he reached for my hand.

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  7. Advice To A Son

    Never trust a white man,
    Never kill a Jew,
    Never sign a contract,
    Never rent a pew.

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  8. Lester

    Lester was given a magic wish
    By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree,
    And with his wish he wished for two more wishes-
    So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three.

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  10. Make It Count

    Poem About Living In The Moment

    That friend,
    Would you two have had more fun
    If you knew how long he'd be gone?

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    This is an amazing poem that is so true. Keep it up. There are so many things people don't notice normally.

  11. Wisdom's Woods

    Learn From Everything That Happens

    For every time I've failed,
    For every time I've screwed up,
    For every time I've said "I'm Sorry,"
    And for every time I've not.

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    I love this poem! It speaks about how to get through the difficulties of facing failure. I really like it!

  12. The Chrysalis

    Learning To Forgive

    We are never finished products,
    No matter how long we live.
    There's always something we can add,
    Like learning to forgive.

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  13. What Makes You Better Than Me?

    Teased At School Poem

    Who are you to think of me the way you do?
    Who gave you the right to rant about me?
    Tell me who deemed you the man or the judge?
    Why do you hold in so much jealousy?

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    I was touched. No, I was delighted. The poem hit home immediately. I was ridiculed as a child and it made me believe what others said. But over those harsh years, I have learned that life is...

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