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  1. Only One More

    • By Caleb C. Boone
    • Published: February 2017

    If I only had one more chance,
    I would say how much you meant.
    If I had only one more chance to hold you in my arms,
    I could never let go.

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  3. Love's Journey

    • By Angie Mccrackin
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem About The Past Interfering With Present Relationships

    When my eyes are locked with his
    My lips are longing for his kiss
    I feel a love I've never known
    Yet my heart feels so alone

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    I’ve had a boyfriend for almost two years. Apparently, he’s still connected with his ex-girlfriend, but every time I try to confront him he keeps on telling me it was nothing and that there...

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  4. Remember The First

    Poem Remembering Progression Of Relationship

    I remember the first time you talked to me,
    I wasn't sure what to do.
    No one ever talked to me.
    This was something different,...

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    At the beginning I loved a woman, and she didn't know I existed. My love kept growing, and still she wasn't aware of what was going on inside my heart about her. Wherever you are and whatever...

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  6. I Saw You Today

    • By Rhonda J.P
    • Published: May 2008
    Memories Of Past Love

    While walking today as I normally do
    I turned around and your face came into view.

    My heart beating fast just took my breath away...

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    This poem is exactly like my past. It has really touched my heart.:)

  7. What I Have Been Missing

    • By Troy Williams
    • Published: August 2010

    You invaded my private world with your beautiful smile and understanding heart,
    And I wondered to myself that you were different right from the very start.
    You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
    And even after I was done with the good, the bad, the ugly you still didn't run away....

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    this poem is very similar to my situation....its a beautiful poem, very well written

  8. I Wished For Your Love On A Shooting Star

    • By Alannah Morales
    • Published: March 2011

    I wished for your love on a shooting star
    and didn't think my wish would get too far.
    Then you opened your heart and let me in,
    that's where this crazy love story begins.

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  10. Enough Hurting Those Who Love You

    • By Erin
    • Published: April 2011

    Wondering why you have so much hate
    Before you see it will be too late
    Trying to accept who you are
    Just seems far too far

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    Yes, it made me cry and get on my knees and pray to keep my relationship with my lady that keeps me in check.

  11. I've Figured It Out

    • By Corinna
    • Published: November 2007
    Fixing Our Marriage

    Whilst our little boy was growing up,
    Our hearts were growing at a distance,
    Our love was focused on him,
    Not on each other, in this instance,...

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  12. Let Me Mend Your Broken Heart

    Poem About Being Your Everything

    Let me mend your broken heart
    and wipe away your tears.
    Let me hold you to stop your violent shaking
    and warm your freezing hands.

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  13. Together

    • By Lizeth Felix
    • Published: December 2008

    It's about time we knew the truth
    I've been waiting forever
    Now we're together
    Nothing could stop us from finding each other...

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