Relationship Poems

Relationship Poems

Poems For Couples

A relationship is a connection between two individuals. When a couple falls in love it has become a loving relationship. The relationship has moved from two people simply in contact with each other to two people who can't get enough of each other. A loving relationship may build slowly like a train coming in the distance until when it gets to you it emits a deafening roar. Or you may be two people totally oblivious to the relationship that is developing when suddenly you are hit with the realization that you have fallen in love. People are complex and love develops in different ways.

44 Love Poems about Overcoming Difficulties in Relationships

  1. 1. The Two Of Us

    What has become of the love of our youth?

    What Happened To Our Marriage?

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    We used to talk, now I can't speak anymore
    I'm told I speak way too loud
    Nothing I have to say ever comes out right

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    We used to have fun
    Now we can't stand to be around one another
    All we ever seem to do is fight

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    We used to laugh
    Now all I want to do is cry
    You no longer hold me in your arms at night

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    We spoke of the future quite often
    Now it just seems bleak and blind
    We no longer have the sunshine that is so bright

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    We don't seem to see eye to eye
    It feels like we move only mechanically
    Doesn't look like there's any hope in sight

    I wish I knew what has become of the two of us
    Nothing seems the same at all
    Have we gotten too old to love one another
    Has our marriage lost its delight?

    What Happened To Our Marriage?, The Two Of Us

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem hit me right in my heart because my boyfriend of 30 years (he doesn’t believe in marriage) and I can handle that. What I can’t handle is that the last 4 or 5 years he has become...

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  3. 2. I Light The Torch

    • By Debbie Billingsley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2010

    This poem is about my journey of enlightenment and finding my soulmate along the way

    I light a torch and hold it high
    It shines so bright it lights the sky
    You see the light, you know it's me
    You find the strength and set yourself free
    From the pain and sorrow you've felt of late
    Your heart now softens, gone is the hate
    Two becomes one across the miles
    We begin our journey to do the trials
    Set out for us to complete
    Each one we know we can defeat
    At the end we know for sure
    Standing side by side are hearts are pure
    We fought the bad and won hands down
    Good prevails and wears the crown

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  5. 3. Secrets

    • By Nicole
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    This is a poem about a girl who wasn't committed at the start and cheated, after she realized she was actually in love, she realized the lie she has to carry.

    Regretting Cheating

    do your secrets rip and roar?
    do they tear at you with open claws?
    do your secrets dig down deep?
    do the make you want to speak?
    and also sometimes make you weep?
    why'd I do it in the first place when I knew it was along?
    I wonder how secrets can be kept for so long?
    I wish I could just turn back time,
    so that everything will all be fine.
    I have never felt this love I feel,
    I know that this time it's finally real.
    I have been the lucky one,
    he'll never know the rotten things I've done,
    but what will happen if my secrets finally escape?
    will I break down, or die in a lake?
    even though now there in the past,
    I wonder how long my secrets will last?

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  6. 4. More Than Enough

    Just tell her she is perfect in the dark
    her light shines
    so the whole world can see her heart
    hold her tight
    so she knows if she ever did fall
    you would be there to catch her
    you will be there through every storm
    love her fiercely
    including all her scars
    and if she is brave enough
    to stand in front of you
    broken and fragile
    make sure she knows
    she is more than enough

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    Latest Shared Story

    I am in a new relationship. My favorite thing is when he tells me how beautiful I am or how he loves the way my eyes gleam. I know it won't always be this magical, but I want to hold on to it...

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  7. 5. The Shatter Of My Tear

    • By Elysa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2015

    You always hear about devastating heartbreaks. Although it may have never happened to you personally, a lot of teenagers go through a heartbreak. This is to the people who have heard all these stories and then never loved because of that.

    Poem About Being Afraid To Love Again

    Afraid to love
    Afraid to hold
    All the stories untold
    Why am I afraid
    Of loving
    Afraid of being broken
    It's so easy to take my heart and throw it away
    I will stay silent
    The only sound you will hear
    Is the shatter of my tear
    The dropping of my heart
    Like a display of art
    So beautiful
    Afraid to love
    Afraid to hold
    All these stories, I've never told

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem really touched my emotions. I'm a 23 year old guy. I was deeply in love with one girl in our neighborhood; we had been dating for 2 years, I loved her, trusted her, called her a...

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  8. 6. I Love You

    • By Megan A. Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Poem on building relationships, and the ups and downs and constant work that is needed to maintain a loving relationship.

    Poem About The Ups And Downs Of Relationships

    I know you're there
    but my world is so bare.
    Nothing is standing in your way,
    I'm hoping you can make it one more day.

    Our relationship has grown so strong,
    where could we have went so wrong.
    You were there when I needed you,
    Now I'm here for you to need me too.

    My love for you will stay the same,
    never will I forget your name.
    By my side, you will always stay,
    I'll think of you day by day.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Manuel, my days are complete every day you wake up next to me. The hours of my day run by, knowing after work I run home to your smiles. My nights are so warm because your arms wrapped around...

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  9. 7. My Darling

    I wrote this poem for a partner of mine who went through a bad time with depression.

    Poem For A Loved One With Depression

    My darling, my girl,
    Why are you so sad?
    Why can't you see that life is not all bad?
    You're my angel.
    Please don't cry,
    I don't understand, so please tell me why?
    Your beautiful face,
    Your fading smile,
    I vow to make you happy for more than just a while.
    You're so precious,
    Why can't you see?
    I beg you to break that chain,
    Then you'll be free.
    The past is gone,
    It's not going to change,
    But the future is yours...
    For you to arrange,
    Live your life,
    Be happy, don't cry.
    I'm here and now those tears can dry.
    I love you, my darling,
    Let go of the sorrow,
    Because I'm here for you....
    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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    Latest Shared Story

    My girlfriend is in prison for taking her husband's life. She was abused very badly by him, and when she was growing up, she was sexually abused, physically abused, and mentally abused. She...

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  10. 8. Remember When

    Poem about remembering falling in love, sharing a life, and rekindling love.

    Remembering And Rekindling Love

    Remember when we first did meet,
    our hearts rejoiced and skipped a beat.
    Remember our first kiss goodnight,
    the hug we shared that summer's night.

    Remember when we walked the beach
    and all our dreams within our reach.
    Remember how we used to be
    when I had you and you had me.

    Remember when we used to talk,
    when we held hands and took long walks.
    Remember how we spent our days
    in warm sunshine and in the rain.

    Remember when our one desire
    was take a chance and ignite the fire.
    Remember the times that made our hearts melt
    and all of the passion and desire that we felt.

    Remember when you looked at me
    and saw the one you love and need.
    Remember when you reached for me
    and knew that we were meant to be.

    Remember when our love was new.
    Remember the day we both said, "I do."
    Remember the journey we started together.
    Remember our love was always forever.

    Remember the promise we made together,
    to love and to cherish and to care for each other.
    Remember the promise in good times and in bad
    and to make each one happy rather than sad.

    Remember when you held our child
    and rocked the baby when I grew tired.
    Remember the treasured times
    like these when love grew into family.

    Remember when the world was bright,
    when we would laugh and hold on tight.
    Remember when our hearts were broken,
    when times were tough and words unspoken.

    Remember when we grieved our loss
    with parents gone and feeling lost.
    Remember when our love endured
    the pains and heartaches of the world.

    What happened to the life we shared?
    What happened to a love so rare?
    What happened to the kiss goodnight,
    the warm embrace, the love at night?

    Did it all just happen? How do we right the wrong?
    I know that in my heart your arms I do belong.

    Can we live our lives together just like it all began,
    and can we hold and cherish each other and remember our love again?

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    Latest Shared Story

    I believe this poem had been written for my spouse and me to let us know that what we share is much greater than the trials we had faced and will ever face. It reminds us of the times we had...

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  11. 9. Trials

    • By Frank Mandarano
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    This is about me and my girl and all the trials we have been through, but yet our love always overcame them. It is a deep, pure love that withstood each trial.

    Overcoming Hardship Makes A Relationship Stronger

    Times have been tough, and things have gone wrong,
    But the deep love we share has been there all along.
    You say why go on, there's nothing that's right,
    But we never give up; we continue to fight.

    There's a light of love that gives us our sight.
    Our hearts may get dark at times, but we know there is light.
    We both have situations not fair,
    But inside we get through them because of something special we share.

    The trials make you aware of the way we feel,
    A love that is not fake but so very real.
    I know at times that it seems like a raw deal,
    But we must get through these trails until we are healed.

    Trials are not easy, and you feel there's no hope.
    There are times when you feel you're at the end of your rope,
    But you must go down deep in the pit of your heart.
    Let it stop your despair and give a new start.

    For true love for each other is a gift some never get,
    So when that trial comes, don't ever forget
    That there is a rare thing we share that had to come from above,
    And those trials will end; what got you through was pure love.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem totally touches my heart. My boyfriend dumped me when I was pregnant in 2010. I cried and cried many times, but he came back to me after 1 year. Now we are in love or 9 years. Our...

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  12. 10. My Love

    • By Amy P. Spencer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2019

    I'm a 26-year-old mother from Ireland. I have lived most of my adult life in England. I have always been interested in writing. Although poetry has always been a love of mine, I never wrote anything meaningful up until now. Being a single mother has meant I've spent a lot of time doing jobs I hate just to get by, but now I am more focused on my writing as it's my passion.

    A Second Chance At Love

    From the moment our eyes met,
    My soul could never forget.
    You handed me your number on a scrap piece of paper
    And walked away with my heart.
    Who would have known
    That would be the start?
    The start of an on-going journey of you and me.
    Time passed, lives changed.
    We both went our ways,
    But still we found each other
    Despite life's maze,
    Which leads me to believe maybe this is meant to be.
    Our lives entwined,
    Forever and always you and me.

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  13. 11. I Saw You Today

    • By Rhonda J.P
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Thank God for our memories for we are so very blessed.

    Memories Of Past Love

    While walking today as I normally do
    I turned around and your face came into view.

    My heart beating fast just took my breath away
    totally speechless with nothing to say.

    I remembered things that were spoken the day we said goodbye
    and how bad I felt when I saw you cry.

    Just then someone took you by the hand
    it seemed that you were happy and life has treated you grand.

    So with one more glance at your beautiful face
    I knew that someone else had taken my place.

    So memories of you will in my heart forever stay
    and I am so thankful I saw you again today.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is exactly like my past. It has really touched my heart.:)

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  14. 12. Communication

    • By Amy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    Communication is key to a successful relationship.

    Communicating Is Key To A Successful Relationship

    Communication takes practice,
    it's never perfect.
    Sometimes not patient,
    sometimes not kind,
    but you have to say
    what's on your mind.

    Lend an ear,
    listen, not just hear,
    to the ones
    you love so dear.

    Communication is not
    a one-way street.
    It takes two
    to concur this feat.

    Communication is hard, you see,
    but in the end, it is key
    to that great relationship
    we all want and need.

    Open your heart,
    say what's on your mind.
    When you are partners for life,
    there's nothing to hide.

    Communicating Is Key To A Successful Relationship, Communication

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    Latest Shared Story

    My partner and I separated a month ago because I won't get off my high horse and take the help handed to me. I wouldn't communicate with her or be able to have a conversation with her. So now...

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  15. 13. Moon That Moves My Tides

    • By Gage M. Webb
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 24, 2021

    My now ex-wife and I recently divorced, and I wrote this poem for her before she decided she wanted a divorce. I worked on this while I was unable to sleep and used the pain I was feeling and put it on paper. Kept revising it, and this is the most recent revision.

    Ending Of A Love

    Better today than I was before,
    in this moment with the one whom I adore.
    Take the fall, take the risk.
    Maybe end up twisted, tangled, worn out, missed.
    For the things that we go through behind closed doors,
    make me crave you, wanting more.
    But in the end it will be just you and I,
    as the moon rolls in and brings the tides,
    as the sun dances about the sky,
    radiant of warmth, beauty, and light.
    The cold moon chases the sun,
    hoping to catch a glimpse of its beautiful light,
    but is forever condemned to dark of night,
    giving meaning to the passage of time.
    Each giving their best til each day is done,
    the moon will never stop craving the warmth of the sun.

    Everlasting til death do us part,
    For you are the one whom I have devoted my heart.
    For I am the moon that moves your tides,
    and you will always be the sun that dances across my skies.
    Though you may not see me, I am always there,
    I cannot deny that I still care.

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  16. 14. A Moment Of Truth

    This poem shares thoughts and feelings of how much a love endures hurts and creates hopes, fears and doubts. We all make mistakes, and nothing is perfect. Love can be within you, even if you don't get to live it day by day.

    Love Forever Poem

    My dear love, I wanted to share
    My thoughts, my feelings and
    What makes me despair.
    I want to share with you
    What makes me happy what makes me feel blue...
    So you can sense that my love is honest and true.

    Every day, not a single minute
    Passes by without you in it.
    Your skin, your voice, your body and your touch.
    All of these moments, I miss them so much.

    You are so present, so deep in my heart,
    And our souls, I just know, will never part,
    But circumstance and distance can be so overwhelming
    They close doors and create doubt and we start blaming.

    There are actions of mine, and I know that for sure,
    That feel so wrong, though my intentions are pure.
    They are painful and impossible to bear,
    And you feel it's all so unfair.

    You can't run from yourself;
    There is no place to hide.
    It just hurts you so deep.
    It hurts your heart and your pride.

    Then I worry that if I continue to stay.
    Will it be wrong and will I be in your way?
    I fear that I am not at all what you need
    And that this truth will make my heart break and bleed.

    Then I sit here and wipe away my tears,
    Wishing you could kiss away my fears.
    If only you knew how much
    I miss and need your embrace and your touch.

    I know I can't hide from my thoughts and my fear,
    And I know at these times I don't seem near,
    But you break down these walls
    With the strength of your love,
    And then I feel blessed
    From God above!

    My love for you runs so deep through my veins
    That I dream of you, in spite of the pain.

    Love Forever Poem, A Moment Of Truth

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    Latest Shared Story

    I remember you, my darling, though distance and circumstances have kept us apart. You should know that even in silence love flows. I will never stop dreaming about you, waiting for the day...

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  17. 15. Do You Know?

    My daughter broke up with a wonderful guy of 5 years to date someone who is abusive, controlling, and so wrong for her. I feel as if he stripped her innocence away, and it breaks my heart seeing her in that kind of relationship. The worst part is that I blame myself because those are the kind of men I always chose, and she had to watch ALL HER LIFE. Now I have a wonderful relationship with a kind, wonderful man, but it's too late. As a parent, we are always examples to our children.

    Poem About An Abusive Relationship

    Do you know how much she loves you?
    Do you know how much she cares?
    Do you know she would do anything for you?
    Hurt you? She wouldn't dare!

    Do you know how much
    You hurt her each time you raise your fist?
    Do you know you broke her spirit,
    But alone it's you she'll miss!

    Do you know she cares for nothing
    Except being by your side?
    Whatever she has to take,
    She is ready for the ride.

    In silence her heart is torn
    Because she knows that you won't change,
    But hasn't she suffered enough?
    Hasn't she endured enough pain?

    I blame myself for showing her
    That all men can be mean.
    She grew up in a home
    Where she always heard me scream.

    But think about what I'm saying
    And understand all that I say.
    She loves you beyond understanding;
    Please love her the same way.

    You truly have an angel,
    A gift from God above.
    Don't take her heart for granted.
    Show her kindness, show her love.

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  18. 16. Enough Hurting Those Who Love You

    • By Erin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem is about a person that is burning bridges and hurting the ones that love them. I think it can apply to family, friends, and relationships.

    Wondering why you have so much hate
    Before you see it will be too late
    Trying to accept who you are
    Just seems far too far

    All the pain that you have created
    Just sits within you with so much hatred
    Hoping you will come to see
    What everyone else seems to believe

    All I want is for you to realize
    You are burning bridges with the one who tries
    Open your heart and let me in
    Before I just give up let it end

    It will be years to fix these issues
    I just hope by then I can still trust you
    How much more do you think I can take
    You won't see until it's too late

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    Latest Shared Story

    Yes, it made me cry and get on my knees and pray to keep my relationship with my lady that keeps me in check.

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  19. 17. Vibrant Colors

    • By Paul T. East
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    My name is Paul, and the one woman I loved judged my looks rather than my heart.

    Don't Judge Me

    Don't judge my cover; it's not mine.
    I was given this to wear for the duration of my time.
    Over time it has become creased, ripped, and worn,
    A once perfect canvas the day I was born.

    Even the corners are rounded and jaded.
    The vibrant colors that once were have now faded.
    Deep inside there are pages missing.
    I wish that one day you would sit and listen.

    Turn these pages slowly and rewind time,
    For it's down to you to make up your mind.
    Gently close me; be careful of my cover.
    Then place me back on the shelf for someone new to discover...

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  20. 18. Let Me Mend Your Broken Heart

    I wrote this for a guy that seems to be the reason for most of my poems. I thought I loved him.

    Poem About Being Your Everything

    Let me mend your broken heart
    and wipe away your tears.
    Let me hold you to stop your violent shaking
    and warm your freezing hands.
    Look me in the eyes
    and watch the clouds roll back from your sky,
    let me calm your storm.
    I will stop the waves of pain
    and hold back the floods
    and pounding rain of tears.
    I will silence the thunder of anger
    and stop the constant flash of regret and sorrow.
    Let me end the mob of reminders
    that tell you you're alone.
    Talk to me and end the deafening silence
    and let my love end the blinding darkness.

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  21. 19. Love

    A message of hope and inspiration for the sometimes long journey to finding true love.

    Hope And Faith In Finding True Love

    If you love somebody with your heart, soul, and mind,
    Every road to adventure is one of a kind.
    Though the road may be rugged and your spirits are high,
    Still the sun seems to shine on the loved ones going by.

    You hold his hand and he squeezes it tight,
    And your heart pounds with your eyes gleaming bright.
    And those wonderful emotions you're feeling this time
    and the stronger you feel, the harder you climb.

    You need to travel on this long winding road,
    Feeling your heart is about to explode,
    So you try your best and push yourself more.
    This new love you have found has lots to explore.

    You thread this road with enthusiasm and glide
    To win the love of the man by your side,
    But don't you falter or go astray.
    This man may love you by the end of your day...

    Maybe this is a hope, a dream to reshape,
    To fulfill your lonely life you want to escape,
    But whatever the reason, you must walk head held high.
    Don't lose faith; this is worth a try.

    Do not lose sight of how love can grow.
    When and where...guess...nobody knows,
    So keep your head high, never doubt, but believe.
    It does not hurt to wear your heart on your sleeve.

    So don't lose ground and be as you are.
    No doubt you will find your lucky star.
    May take awhile like all things do,
    But I'm sure love is waiting on this long road for you.

    Hope And Faith In Finding True Love, Love

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  22. 20. Your Love In The Palm Of My Hand

    • By Rosa Livingstone
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013

    Relationships seem so complicated yet they are so simple. It's about respecting and cherishing your Partner as a feeling being. I have confused manipulation and control, and allowed myself to be disrespected all in the name of love. But learning that I needed to love and respect myself opened me to a love that allows me to love without boundaries and to trust my Partner because I now trust myself.
    For this I am grateful and cherish my Partner.

    Learning How To Love Poem

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as one would a newborn: with awe and delicacy, with softness and protection, with the promise to nurture

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as one would a stone found on a sunny ocean shore, with respect for its strength, with wonder for its resiliency, with deference for its journey to the shore

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as one would a diamond, with humility of its beauty, with amazement at its density, with humbleness of its potential to withstand harshness

    I hold our love in the palm of my hand as I would my own, accepting its fragility, acknowledging its power, respecting its potency and most of all, understanding its need to be cherished

    I recognize that the love I feel for you is a gift to be appreciated, and in so doing, it may have the chance to grow and flourish

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    Latest Shared Story

    My Love
    My love, My love
    Come and go away
    with me to the secret place of the heart
    A place only you can enter and be mine forever
    Love is the greatest thing you can give to another

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