ABC Poems

ABC Poems

Alphabet Poems

An ABC poem is a poem where each line of the poem begins with a letter in the alphabet, starting with A and moving in order through Z. Each line focuses on building upon the central topic of the poem, creating a specific mood, feeling, or picture in the reader’s mind. There are various types of ABC (or Alphabet) poems. Some use all 26 letters, while others only use 5-6 of the letters in alphabetical order. Abecedarian Poems will always use all 26 letters. Try It Yourself! Templates for writing ABC Poems (PDF):

11 ABC Poems Examples - Alphabet Poems

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  1. 1. Alphabet Of Love

    Again I'm sitting with pen in my hand and paper in front of me,
    Breaking all the doors, trying to set my feelings free.
    Carefully I'm choosing the words to write.
    Don't want to keep anything inside.

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    To know the difficulty of translating love to writing strikes me as one the greatest struggles each poet must overcome. This poet found a way. Bravo.

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  3. 2. Poem About A Friend...

    • By Marilyn H. White
    • Published: October 2007

    Accepts you as you are
    Believes in you
    Calls just to say hi
    Doesn't give up on you

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  5. 3. Support Imagination

    • By Sharon J Spivak
    • Published: August 2019

    A ball dress, some slippers, and I am in heaven.
    Believe me, pretending and dress up is fun!
    Can you use your own imagination?
    Do give it a try, my little one.

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  6. 4. Best Birthday Ever!

    "Amazing!" was all I could say
    Because I finally got my puppy today.
    Chocolate brown with soulful eyes,
    Definitely the perfect birthday surprise.

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  7. 5. If Only

    • By Petra Sheane
    • Published: February 2015

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    If Only...
    A prayer was held in our nation,
    Beauty was seen in more ways than one,
    Children who are lost could find their salvation,

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    Give quality time to your loved ones. Otherwise, you will lose them gradually.
    Relationships are very beautiful, especially those always giving unconditional love.

  8. 6. If I Were A Hero

    Above huge hills if ever I could rise,
    Beyond the gravity as Iron Man flies.
    Climbing and hanging if towers I could touch,
    Dashing as the Spider-Man, if fingers were such.

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    As a young child, I dreamt of being Superman. For me, other superhero could match him. I'm retired, but if I were still teaching, this would be an ideal fun poem with plenty to discuss in the...

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  9. 7. Life In Fairy Land

    As a small child I fancied to sail
    By ocean to a land of fairy tales,
    Camp in a field with Little Red Riding Hood.
    Dazzling stars would fire at the Big Bad Wolf.

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  10. 8. Sunrise

    A new day is beginning.
    Burnt orange hues
    Color the distant skies.
    Dew drops, a glistening symphony

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  11. 9. The 4th Of July

    • By Jackly Wingfield
    • Published: July 2015

    As the fireworks
    Burst around in
    Circles and all the
    Different designs, the

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  12. 10. Did You Know?

    A cardinal flew past me today
    Because he wanted my attention.
    Cardinals mean someone in heaven is thinking of you.
    Did you know that? And did you also know that

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  13. 11. ABC's Of Him

    • By Nichole Ary
    • Published: May 2019

    Actually I'm thinking of him!
    But he hates me.
    Crazy 'bout him.
    Don't tell my secret!

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    I am like this poem. He is kinda my friend, but I'm sure he doesn't think of me as a friend. I'm pretty sure he thinks of me as a normal human. I want him to be my BFF.

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