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  1. A Valentine's Wish

    • By Jamie K. Johnson
    • Published: February 2006
    Wishing To Be Loved In Return

    Have you ever set your heart on someone
    Though you didn't stand a chance?
    Have you ever wished that someone
    Would think the way you do?

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    You should ask him why. Why don't he love you anymore? Why is the question that answers everything. Why?

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  3. Alone

    He once again has forgotten me.
    Many unreasonably long hours pass,
    And I am still alone,
    Not one word heard.

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    I am a woman of beauty and love. You promised me a life I dreamed of. We slept in your car and carried along, yet when it came to committing, you dropped the ball. In my mind I can't fathom...

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  4. Why?

    • By Carla Peters
    • Published: January 2012
    Why Don't You Love Me?

    Why do you tear me down
    When all I do is build you up?
    Why do you hate me so much?
    Why do you deny my touch?

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    When I read this, I thought I wrote it myself. I have been with my husband going on 6 years. He would drink and come home mad. Sometimes I thought, "This man that I fell in love with is no...

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  6. What Is Love?

    Why Haven't I Found Love?

    What is love
    and why does love never find me?
    Instead, broken hearts surround me,
    And once again the wrong man found me,

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    Dear Ric,

    I've suffered for so long myself asking this question, however, this is what time has taught me. Love isn't a thing that you see from others and want to have the exact copy of;...

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  7. Take My Hand

    • By Alokin Hokman
    • Published: March 2019
    Chasing After Unrequited Love

    I thought that I was chasing dreams
    While I was walking down those fast streams.
    Chasing after love that will never be,
    Now I am left stranded in the deep open sea.

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    Very nice, Alokin. I think virtually everyone can identify with this as most of us have had a similar disappointment in our past, some even in the present I am sure. I was given good advice...

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  8. The Weathering Of Love

    Poem About Longing For Love

    I'm sorry I love you as more than a friend,
    But the love that I have doesn't come to an end.
    You dwell in my thoughts, and to my mind I will keep
    A love that's for you, a love I hide deep

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  10. Rain On Me

    • By Gia R. Davis
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Wanting Love

    We all want the same love
    That we are afraid to give.
    To be loved by someone,
    That is one of life's greatest gifts.

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    I understand the feeling. The very longing dreams to have our dearest love by our side. It was so intense that we sometimes always fail to stop the feeling of wanting someone to love us in a...

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  11. Why Can't He Love Me?

    • By Adriann Blair
    • Published: January 2009

    Why can't he see what I see?
    Why can't he read what I read?
    Why can't he love how I love?
    Why doesn't he want me by his side?

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    I know how you feel. I'm only 18 and I have a 1 year old son. Me and his mother were having a lot of problems, and broke up.. But a week later, she called me saying she really messed up by...

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  12. Lone Gentleman

    The gay young men and the love-sick girls,
    and the abandoned widows suffering in sleepless delirium,
    and the young pregnant wives of thirty hours,
    and the raucous cats that cruise my garden in the shadows,

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  13. The Stars Above

    When I Was Lonely

    Orange and Pink shoot across the sky,
    I can see it from where I lie,
    The sun is setting, going to sleep,
    The dark surrounds, like the ocean deep,...

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    Thank you for helping me cry. I usually stop myself, but this time I let them go. Thank you again. Your poetry is beautiful.

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