Hope Poetry Quotes

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Quote About Having Hope And Faith

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When you're going through life's valleys
and you think there's no way out,
you're not the first to feel this way.
There's hope, without a doubt.

- Dave Roberts

Quote About Overcoming

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I am a survivor of the bad things
that have happened to me.
I will overcome my hard times.
I will overcome my past.

- Cassandra Mosley

How Lucky I Am

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No matter what life's ventures,
no matter where I'll be,
I know I'll always remember
how luck did shine on me.

- Barbara Snook

You Give Me Hope

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You have given me hope
for a better tomorrow,
like an angel guiding me
out of my sorrow.

- Tasneem Karimjee


Life Is A Dark Road Quote

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You feel like there's no solution
To this riddle or game they call life. . .
I promise there's beautiful sunshine
on this dark road with sharp turns and bends.

Ashley Bahr


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is the gift
don't waste
your blessing.


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