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This poem was written by me during the times of hurt and suffering in my life. This is dedicated to the people who stay strong, even when they have every right to break down. This was meant to be an inspiration to others to not want to give up and to realize their worth. This came from my heart, and I really hope you guys enjoy it. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, "Because of you, I didn't give up." I want this poem to be the reason that person never gave up.

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I love your poem, Caitlyn! A while ago I was searching for lyrics or poems to use for my composition for my music GCSE, and I stumbled upon your poem and was instantly inspired by your words...

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Your Worth

© more by Caitlyn Morton

Published: November 2012

They say never give up.
Never give in.
Keep fighting that fight
So the devil doesn't win.
Through the hurt and the pain,
The sorrow and the shame,
The one thing you need to remember
Is that tomorrow is never the same.

Hold onto your hopes and dreams,
For your fears are less than they seem.
So to all of those who feel like they are losing the fight,
And to those who feel like there is no hope in sight,
Take a minute to look at the sky
And remember that there's something
Out there bigger than you and I.

Just like today,
The sun will shine again.
Through the clouds and the rain,
The sun still remains,
And all the darkness will fade away.

So hold your head high,
And feel the warmth.
It may remind you
What you are truly worth.



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  • Remington McCarty by Remington McCarty
  • 1 year ago

This poem is extremely inspirational. I've struggled with depression for years and this really helps as I'm on the path to healing. Thank you SO much for your beautifully-written poem.

  • Kirti Sharma by Kirti Sharma
  • 1 year ago

I just love this poem. I know I can, and I don't care what others say because I have faith in myself.

  • Bob by Bob
  • 2 years ago

Great piece. I'm going to recite this poem at my school for a creative expressions night. You have true talent! Keep it up!

  • Black Widdow by Black Widdow, manchester
  • 2 years ago

That was such an inspiring poem. It inspired me to hold my head up high and to never give up and on myself, so for that I will create a poem for you.

  • Maya by Maya
  • 2 years ago

I love your poem, Caitlyn! A while ago I was searching for lyrics or poems to use for my composition for my music GCSE, and I stumbled upon your poem and was instantly inspired by your words that a song formed in my head. The inspiring words of your poem were exactly what I wanted for my song, something to motivate people, to make them see that they are just as worthy as anyone else is, to make them not give up. I thought I should let you know how much I benefited from your poem as you inspired me. I hope you keep writing poems and I can't wait to read them when you do!

  • Fathur1410 by Fathur1410
  • 4 years ago

When I read your poem, it was inspiring and also fun to read.
For some reason, when I see or read a poem like you wrote, I feel happy and can work even harder to achieve my dreams. The other reason for me liking your poem is because there are some lines and stanzas that really make sense and also make people convinced to achieve a dream that we are pursuing. In the poem you wrote, I had a line that I really liked which is, "Hold onto your hopes and dreams". I liked it because I am convinced to follow my hopes and dreams and probably it could convince others, such as friends and families, to follow and achieve their dreams. My personal life story that I could connect is that I thought I cannot fulfill my dreams to be a football player, then I was taught that no matter what dream it is, I could always pursue it. Thank you for the poem you wrote that inspires me, and I hope it could also lead you to make numerous inspiring poems.

  • Courtney by Courtney, Texas
  • 6 years ago

Caitlyn Morton I just want you too know you have a talent girl I always thought I didn't deserve good things too happen to me but
as I read your poem omg wake up call. You have changed my life because of your poem I realize I'm worth something sooooo I really wanted to thank you and I know you get a lot of oh this helped me and crap but I've never responded to a poem but I had too for yours because you inspired me girl. You have such a gift lol use it I'll be watching for more of your poems get em out there girl you're amazing poet!

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