Poem about Teen Life

Poem About Finding Strength In Hard Times

This is a poem I wrote about how trials are actually good for people here on Earth. I wrote this poem to give advice to those who are having a hard time in life. This was inspired by the many trials and afflictions that I face daily, and the content in the poem is what I tell myself constantly when I face them.

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Life Is Worth A Try

© more by E. Rob Turner

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

Along this huge labyrinth
That we call life,
You will face great trials,
Adversity, and strife.

Now pay attention,
Because life is tough.
I have a few words
To help you face bad stuff.

My message is that
When the going is rough,
There is still a lot of hope,
Even though life is tough.

Follow your heart!
Stay safe and secure,
Because darkness can strike
When you are unsure.

Although the world's dark,
There's still much light!
Even though it may seem
As though life's a huge fight.

Amid all the trials,
Life really is neat.
You are here to learn,
Which is quite a treat!

You will go through hard times,
As everyone should,
Because without all the bad,
How can we know good?

If our lives were easy,
If we couldn't fall,
And without all the trials,
Will we learn at all?

The answer is no.
The trials are there
To help us grow stronger
And to help us prepare

For what glory we'll gain
After we die.
Though the trials are hard,
Life is worth a try!


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