Birthday Poem for Friends

Poem For A Friends Birthday

I wrote this for my friend Kate on her birthday. We've been good friends for the past seven years and she means a lot to me. I don't get to see her much anymore because we've moved away from each other a couple of years ago. But we still stay in touch and she continues to play an important part in my life. This was just my way of telling her how much her friendship means to me.

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This poem is AMAZING. I love it lots.

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A Birthday Poem For My Friend


Published: February 2009

Today must be your birthday because the sun is shinning bright
The clouds that are usually hiding it are now nowhere in sight
The birds are singing joyfully as they go happily on their way
It's as if Mother Nature herself knew this was a very special day

The day before was gloomy and the weather was pretty bad
But on this day it all went away and now I don't feel so sad
My sadness was replaced with happiness that wasn't there before
Your birthday does this every year so I hope you'll have many more

Every year it has been this way since the day of your sweet birth
And it's this day that makes me appreciate my time down here on earth
My friendship with you grows each year and I feel a special bond
And when this day no longer shines I will know that you are gone



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  • by Shelby
  • 3 years ago

This poem is AMAZING. I love it lots.

  • by Olalekan
  • 3 years ago

Now that you have added another year to your years, may goodness and mercy of God be your portion.

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