Birthday Poem for Friends

Poem For Best Friend For Her Birthday

This is a poem I wrote for my best friend for her birthday. Basically a poem that just expresses the extent of appreciation I hold for her.

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This poem is just perfect! I feel touched reading it. It explains to me how much my best friend means to me. I love my best friend!

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Still And Careless Within


Published: July 2008

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
Someone who I know will be there till the end
And they're not just thoughts I hope will fulfill
But thoughts that will stand forever still

Still as the wind on a hot summer's day
Still as your friendship I'll never betray
Still as the characters in a photograph
Still as your breathless, silent laugh

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
A mind that I can comprehend
A person I see is so much like me
A mutual relationship so carefree

Carefree as a child who questions the world
Carefree as a scream that goes unheard
Carefree as an adult blessed with a dream
Carefree as water flowing downstream

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real, and never pretend
You've always been someone unique from the rest
You hold a piece of me no other can possess

Within you is reason to live every moment in time
Within you the life I want is always mine
Within you, I have the perfect friend
With you, I see myself till the very end

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  • by Monday Confi
  • 3 months ago

This poem is just perfect! I feel touched reading it. It explains to me how much my best friend means to me. I love my best friend!

  • by Anne-Marie Heaton
  • 7 months ago

I have just read this beautiful poem. It is my best friend's birthday, and I wanted something special. This fits the bill. Thank you so much.

  • by Shepparton, Victoria
  • 3 years ago

Amelia Tracy, omg. Your poems are amazing, they brought me and my friend together like 2 pieces of bread.
I would like to say that when I read it I felt like it was directed to me, my eyes welled up and I started to cry.
Please write more poems they are truly wonderful.

P.S. I am only 12.
from Maddi.

  • by Pakistan
  • 3 years ago

It's a very beautiful poem. I was looking for such a poem that will express my feelings and wishes for my best best friend.
And finally am so lucky to find it here.
Thanks Amelia Tracey for such a good poem I feel expressing all my feelings.

  • by Padmaja Singh, Varanasi
  • 3 years ago

Oh my.. my.. my god......I was searching a heart touching birthday poem for my best friend and now I'm feeling lucky that I found this. It's just perfect...... So much touched

  • by Kaelen
  • 4 years ago

Reading this poem, almost made me cry, such a beautiful poem!!

  • by Dccpak Mahato, Kathmandu Nepal
  • 7 years ago

It really touched me and I am still feeling the sensation of touch.

  • by Catherine
  • 7 years ago

Oh My Gosh,
I am a poetry lover and this is the most beautiful poem for a friend I have ever seen or read-and believe me I have read tons!

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