Work Poem

Poem About The Daily Grind And Toxic Work Environment

The poem is about working in the city, the monotony, the toxic place it can be, and the struggle faced just to put food on the table.

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The Rat Race


Published by Family Friend Poems October 16, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Every morning is just the same
It's been years of this tired old game
Bleary eyed and lacking in sleep
Reaching for clothes left in a heap

Breakfast is always eaten in a rush
With just enough time to give the teeth a brush
The train is packed with others like you
They all have to work and hate it too.

At the office you take your place
Among all the others in this rat race
Over a hundred emails await
All needing action with a close by date

In this place of work
There are often those who will shirk
But the worst are the ones who play games
Who manipulate, backstab and call you names

They are the ones you should never trust fully
For every workplace has this type of bully
Deadlines and targets are a constant stress
That cause anxiety and are used to oppress

Everyday we suffer the strike of the boss's lash,
just to scrape together a little bit of cash.
But its never enough despite the days,
It's so hard to find a job that really pays


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