Falling in Love Poem

I'm just an ordinary guy with belief that I got plenty of talent that I could show and share with the world, except the means to unleash my creativity isn't that available where I am currently, so I struggle. Writing is the only way for me to express and to reach my dreams, and for now I'm going to be a dreamer with hopes and a need to improve. I know I've got potential.

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A Butterfly To Be, A Rose To Blossom

© more by Rayan Al Sheikh

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008 with permission of the Author.

She's like this beautiful butterfly waiting to be
A princess more than a princess in any fairy tale
Only a few words can describe her
Or the feeling I have for
I await you to blossom little rose
For I dream of being the first to pick you when you do
Breathe in, the sweet scent aroma
People just don't see what I see
More than sunrise shine
Even more than sunset twilight
Every day with you, would be another chance in life
The words held in me to express my affection towards
M looking deeply at you, so beautiful
To the extent .. unspeakable
You'd give others millions of reasons to feel envy
Like a butterfly's first sight, you amaze
Blow my mind off wouldn't you?!


more by Rayan Al Sheikh

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