Falling in Love Poem

Falling In Love With The Wrong Person

This poem was written about a girl who met a boy who is her ideal mate. He, of course, is already taken. Therefore, she is to love him at a distance. It tears her apart knowing and wondering "what if" they could be together. It was inspired by the challenge to suppress her infatuation for this man and the consequences that could flame up if either one were to make a move. It's complicated.

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There You Are

Kathryn R. Bost ©

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016 with permission of the Author.

There you are with your beautiful hazelnut brown eyes
that glisten when you smile.
I dream of dancing with you in the ballroom,
flying away with you with your arms wrapped around me.
Every move is so graceful, weightless, and effortless
as we glide on the beautiful marble floor.
The lights are dimmed with just a touch of bronze lighting
beaming down from the vintage chandelier.
We are completely and irrevocably in this moment.
If only I were yours and you were mine.
I can't help but wonder what is going on inside your head.
Do I control my infatuation for you?
Is this a secret that must stay hidden?
Would it tear us apart?
I already fear the little bit of connection we have will be lost.
It is only a matter of time when life will move us on.
Why would I fear that you might ask?
Well, from the moment I first saw you,
there was a spark of peace and mutual energy
that will forever rest inside my brain and in my thoughts.
It was so strong that I constantly think about it
and wonder if that is something
that could be permanent for me rather than a brief moment of interaction,
a brief exchange of hope and energy.
I couldn't help myself but to be close to you,
some way- some how.
I believe there are only a handful of people
that come across your path
that can make you feel more than simply human.
You, yes you, you make me feel alive, hopeful, and assured
that there is more out there.
Oh, how I wish to be close to you right now,
to hold your hand and admire your smile.
I would treasure your intelligence and witty personality.
I would kiss the crows' feet dancing around your eyes.

To be continued...


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