Abuse Poem

Child Witnessing Domestic Violence

I am a 60 year old women with couples post traumatic stress disorder. I witnessed so much violence against my mother from my father as a very young child. To this day I am haunted by the disturbing and painful memories. I found writing this poem and a few others has helped me in a therapeutic way. Whether the poem is considered good or not doesn't concern me too much after realizing how writing it out has helped me. I do want everyone to like it but the journey to heal is more important.

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A Child's Fear

Susan M. Reichennek Reid ©

Published by Family Friend Poems November 17, 2023 with permission of the Author.

As I lay silently, my heartbeat in my ear
The thunder of footsteps ringing in fear
The night is long and the anger strong
I wonder, is this where I belong?
I only want silence so I cover my ears
I rock back and forth and pray he disappears
He pulls out his belt, beats through her screams
Susie will hear you and wake up from her dreams
She cries out to protect me
Not knowing I'm right there
Under the blanket I whimper and stare
The belt hit me too , I'm there
They are wrapped up in violence
They are too blind to see
Their child is hurting and wanting to flee

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