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I wrote this poem by putting myself in the place of a young lady who shared being a victim of sexual abuse by her own father in a meeting.

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I used to be my brother's doll. It was just a game to him. He hurt me and would say he loved me. I covered for him for years, both because I didn't want to remember and because I knew no one...

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Daddy's Doll

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Published: December 2008

The frigerator is full of beer,
And the couch is full of crumbs.
I go to bed and in my head,
I just know he's going to come.

For my dear old Dad, has made me sad,
By playing house with me,
And you can bet, I can't forget,
All the things he's done to me.

For he's robbed me of my purity,
And he's stripped me of my pride,
He took from me my virginity,
And he ruined me inside.

It makes no sense my innocence,
Was forced to take a tragic fall.
I don't know why but I know that I,
Have become my Daddy's Doll.

I'm so confused for I've been abused,
And I don't think he will stop.
It sounds absurd but If I say a word,
I know I'll get a pop.

And I'll have to lie about my eye,
When it is black and blue.
I slipped and fell, I hurt like hell,
But what am I to do?

It will do more harm if I tell my Mom,
Because she'll think it's a lie.
And for a fact,  she'll tell me that,
"Daddy's not that type of guy".

And because I'm young,  I bite my tongue,
And my tears begin to fall.
I wonder why I have to cry,
And be my Daddy' Doll.

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  • Black Rose by Black Rose
  • 2 years ago

I used to be my brother's doll. It was just a game to him. He hurt me and would say he loved me. I covered for him for years, both because I didn't want to remember and because I knew no one would believe me. Then he left when I was at my worst. For 2 years I blamed myself for my family's loss. Eventually I told my step-mom, though she admitted that she didn't believe me. There's nothing worse than loving someone who can hurt you and use you like that. I'm not my brother's doll anymore.

  • Kaz by Kaz
  • 3 years ago

You're brilliant. Thank you for your contribution. I know what you've been through was hard. Stay strong and determined; there are always people there for you.

  • Kariana Reyes by Kariana Reyes
  • 6 years ago

I read this poem and the responses and it just amazes me how often these things happen. I was molested from the time I was 5 till I was 9 by my older brother, and understand how much it can tear not only the person but the family. Skye, I saw your response and if I hope you're doing better sweetheart.

  • Michaela by Michaela
  • 7 years ago

I've never been abused like this before, but I know people who have and I've learned through it year by year with some of my abused best friends. Here's something that might comfort you if you feel like your body is dirty or ruined like some of them did: You probably know that some of your skin flakes off every day and new skin replaces it, but did you know that your skin is completely replaced bit by bit each month? Also, think of yourself this way: you're not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body. Your body is not who you are, but simply a shell for your soul to live in while you're here on this earth. One more thing: don't be mad at the person doing the abusing, but the substance that causes him to do it. Addictions are terrible life-breakers, but again, your dad's abuse of himself is not who he is, but a way to shed his inside pain. Love the person, hate the bottle.

  • Jagdish Prasad by Jagdish Prasad
  • 7 years ago

First of all, I congratulate the poet who has given voice to several of the victims of child abuse and I am sorry I rated this poem average as I could not follow the rating method correctly. This poem is one of the excellent poems I have read so far. The poet not only has echoed the sentiments of the girl child suffering silently at the hand of their fathers but in a way deterred many of the potential abusers who come across this poem.

  • Carmen by Carmen
  • 7 years ago

What kind of mother does she have? How can she still be living under the roof of those horrible parents? She is living with sociopathic parents. What a nightmare to live everyday. Can the law, the police, relatives, the neighborhood help her? Why should she protect her parents if they don't protect her? Since I read the book 'A boy called It' I never close my eyes when I see someone being abused and I know I can be in a big trouble, but that is what happens when you act according with what is correct. I don't know how old she is but she shouldn't feel alone in this world because she's not, there are hundred kids like her, and hundred of organizations, and people who can support her.

  • Someone by Someone
  • 7 years ago

Wow, I'm so sorry. I can definitely relate though, my dad hates my guts, yet he would do anything for my little brother, but there is nothing I can do, I'm only 11; will be 12 in February. And the things he does to me are insane, they will follow me for the rest of my life. If my mom reports it to the courthouse they don't care because his mom works there and has for 30 years. So I guess I just get to go thru this for a few more years and hope she retires by the time I'm old enough to speak my mind to the court.

  • Barbara by Barbara, Louisiana
  • 8 years ago

I was molested by my step-dad when I was very small. My Mom and him got married and I was 5 years old, so I do not remember when it started. I did stop him right before I turned 13 because I was becoming a young lady at that time and wanted this to stop for good. When my Mom found out she did not believe me she thought I was lying, until 2 of her sisters came up and said he had tried with them. When this man was on his death bed I had to take care of him, feeding him through a feeding tube and giving him his meds. He never told me nor my Aunt that he was sorry for what he did to me and tried to do to her. The other aunt wasn't there because she was sick and couldn't come to the house at that time. I am so glad that it is all over. I know that I am not guilty for what was done. As for him he passed and I don't feel he is in Heaven at all.

  • Skye by Skye, Ohio
  • 8 years ago

WOW. This poem had me in tears. My dad beat and raped me literally EVERYDAY for three years. I realize that some went through it for more than that but it still hurt very much. I was 8 when it started. I told somebody and the day that I did, I regretted it. It tore apart my entire family. Now I am in foster care. I really need someone to talk to.

  • Ellen-Rose Elizabeth by Ellen-Rose Elizabeth
  • 9 years ago

That was amazing, I was abused my father for a year and a half when I was 8 before he was arrested for it, it still eats me. This poem is beautiful and have faith that God will see you through and is always with you.

God Bless

  • H Hull by H Hull, East Yorkshire UK
  • 9 years ago

I know just what the writer of this poem is going through, I'm 28 yrs old and was abused by my father and 2 brothers from the age of 4 years old till I was 12. I admire your courage for writing this. Keep the faith sweetheart xx

  • Jennell by Jennell, Oregon
  • 9 years ago

I was abused as a child and I cry everytime I read one of these poems or see anything involving incest or worse. I am a 47 year old grandmother now. I wish I could have had the strength to tell someone. But, I couldn't.

  • Octavia Wilson by Octavia Wilson
  • 10 years ago

I loved that poem. it almost made me cry. I know exactly what your going though for I am experiencing the same. I am now 16 years old and I have told my step mom but she doesn't do anything about it. He has been doing this to me for the past 11 years. I'm so glad you shared your story.

  • Unknown by Unknown
  • 10 years ago

This poem almost had me in tears. please keep on living there may not seem like a reason to in these situations but Just be strong and Keep faith. I admire you so much because for you to write this all its simply amazing. Best wishes and I'll pray for you.

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