Cancer Poem by Teens

Losing A Friend To Cancer

Over a course of 5 years, I had to watch a close friend of mine suffer as he battled cancer. I watched him go from an active, happy guy, to a lifeless body in a casket. I watched as things he once could do became daily struggles and how his strength slowly weakened over time. I watched as he died from the inside out. The day it happened, I could feel his presence leave. And the next morning at school when the teachers said they had bad was confirmed. A 17-year-old soul gone forever.

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A Life Lost


Published: September 2017

Cancer is horrid,
Cancer is a thief.
It stole my friend
And left me with grief.

It came out of nowhere,
The shadows of night,
Grabbed my friend,
And started to fight.

Memory after memory,
Day after day,
We'd joke around
And laugh and play.

"I know you're strong,
I know you're brave.
This sickness will pass.
It's just a wave."

You said not to worry,
You said you were okay.
But that didn't stop me
From continuing to pray.

You stopped coming to school.
I didn't see you around.
That's when I realized
Your days were going down.

That stupid cancer,
That stupid disease.
"Can't you just go away?
I'm begging you, please."

You began to grow weary,
You began to slip,
As I sat and watched
You lose your grip.

It's been two months,
But it feels like forever.
I haven't seen you
Since last year December.

You're up in heaven.
You're safe and sound,
But it's not the same
Here on the ground.



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