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My name is Hannah. I wrote this poem about my grandmother, who passed away 6 months after being diagnosed with cancer. She was my rock. I hope she is proud of me!!! R.I.P Nenaw :)!!!!!!
You will always walk beside me...

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I understand how you feel, but please, my dear, lean on God and trust in God.

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You, I Will Not Forget

© more by Hannah Smallwood

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013 with permission of the Author.

We haven't seen each other in a while
But when I think of our memories I still smile

You told me you had cancer like it was nothing at all
I cried my eyes out and hit a wall

I didn't want you to go through that alone
And I hid my emotions not letting them be shown

I tried to help but didn't know what to do
But every single day I said that I loved you

I wanted you to smile every single day
And I wouldn't let cancer get in your way

I did my best and always prayed
I asked myself why you were taken away

Now your a beautiful angel watching over me
I'm going to make you proud just wait and see


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  • Erika by Erika
  • 9 years ago

On a warm summer day, me and my BFF we're talking on the phone about how we couldn't wait to have another sleep-over, then I was hit with a bomb. She might be moving! I was so heartbroken that I wouldn't come out of my room for almost a week. By the end of summer vacation, she was all packed up and it was certain she was moving. I wanted to die, but I knew that my BFF's heart was just as broken as mine was. On her moving day I went to her house to wave goodbye, but I ended up staying there for 3 hours just to stall time with her. My dad had gotten a picture of us walking down the hill together hand in hand. That picture still remains on my shelf to this day. After she moved, her cat had kittens. I still remember that day like it was 2 minuets ago. Today though, her mom and dad fight a lot, also they're a little poor, and half the family is obese. Please pray for my BFF, she needs all the prayers she can get.

  • Angela Severn by Angela Severn
  • 9 years ago

My Husband was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in October 2011, he had been ill for a year prior to this.
He was given 8 months because the cancer had migrated in to the lymph nodes in his chest.
My darling husband actually lived until June 2013, it was an absolute hell. To watch my big strong man deteriorate to a 7 stone very very sick man, it was horrendous.
He never complained but bore his illness bravely. In January 2013 my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, this destroyed the man I knew, he couldn't remember how to use his phone had difficulty feeding himself, became incontinent so had to be fitted with a catheter, which he couldn't understand. For him such a proud and very particular dress wise being an ex Grenadier, was unbearable.
I miss him every single day, I don't see any purpose to my life any more, he was my rock, my best friend and my sole mate, the future holds no pleasure for me now.

  • Aremu Deborah by Aremu Deborah
  • 6 years ago

I understand how you feel, but please, my dear, lean on God and trust in God.

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