I'm Sorry Love Poem

Owning Up To My Mistakes Poem

This poem comes straight from my heart. My wife always accused me of not being able to express my feelings face to face. That is because I prefer to write. We are no longer together. She has lost her love toward me, while I'm still deeply in love. I admit my faults and blame myself for making her who she is now.

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A Place Without Rain


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017 with permission of the Author.

Yes, it's true.
I made you who you are.
The mistakes I made
Pushed you very far.

We were so young,
So madly in love.
All the magic we had,
And now it's gone.

I confess to you
I am to blame.
I did you wrong.
You aren't the same.
Wish we could rewind
To a place without pain,
A place with you,
A place without rain.

This empty feeling
Is killing me inside.
No words left in this world
That can put you at my side.

The storm that follows me
Tries to put me down.
It's time to fight it,
Time to let you out.

No more crying,
No more wasting time.
Just remember one thing:
You are my sunshine.


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