Environment Poem

Poem Comparing Life Stages To A Tree

I started taking an interest in the environment and became aware of the happenings around the world. One day I was peeping outside the window, and suddenly my eye stuck on a small plant near my classroom, and that was when I wrote this.

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A Tree


Published: July 2015

I enter the earth as a small plant
Tiny and helpless like an infant
Then I grow up and become as active
As a school child
Very strong and very wild
Then comes the stage when I am of middle age
Commanding and brave
Like a sailor who can withstand the gigantic waves
After a few years I turn old and my growth becomes slow
And I start to lose all my beauty and glow
In my younger years I was healthy and fresh
Now my health is in a bit of a mess
But whatever age I am, I'll not stop giving you fruits
Unless you pull me out of the soil by my


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