Poem about Sadness

Poem About Traumatic Memories Like Skeletons In A Closet

A child sexual abuse survivor looks at where she is at in life. Lots of Metaphors in this sad poem about skeletons left locked away in a closet.

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Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

The welcome mat outside my door
is dusty, old & worn
'cuz people have been entering in
since the day that I was born

Most people find my home
to be secure, peaceful, fun
A place you can be yourself,
hang out, enjoy the sun

The walls are splashed with color
each room's a different hue
The halls are adorned with pictures
Some old, some new

There are lots of empty guest rooms
At your beck and call
But there's one room that's off-limits
The one at the end of the hall

This room is the oldest,
been empty many years
Now all it holds is memories,
of pain, lost innocence, tears

In the back stands a closet
locked many years before
A door that will never be opened,
padlocked to keep it secure

Have you ever heard the sound
of rattling bones?
It's an eerie, creepy sound
when on and on it drones


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