War Poem

A Wounded Soldier

I have seen too many poems that address the fight to save a soldier, and they address what the medics or comrades go through. I always wondered what the fatally wounded warrior goes through.

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Fade To Light

© more by Gavin Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008 with permission of the author.

Today is another day of patrols
These days all seem the same
That is unless we see action
Unaware that would be today
"Charlie six, shots fired,
Small arms, from west."

This is a fight for life
Sweat on the brow
Heart pounding hard
I took lead in the leg
Felt the blood
Breath shallow
Cant die
Must live
Fading out

Hear Doc say
"Stay with me!"
Needle in arm
Feel pain
Eyes close
See light

Medic over me
Chopper hum
"Change IV"
Feel numb
Bright light

Medic pumping
Hands on chest
"He's back."
Light appears

I see gates and people
"You're home brave warrior,
I am Peter and this is Peace.
My boss is stronger than your medics."


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