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There are a few things I do to clear my head or relieve stress, and running is one of them. The last time I went out for a run in the neighborhood, I remember thinking, "Wow, I feel so alive." That thought inspired me, and I decided to express that emotion through poetry. Hope you enjoy!

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As an athlete, I like running, so I love the 2nd stanza.

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Innarenko ©

Published: July 2018

When my thoughts are too heavy,
My feelings too numb,
When my heart is unsteady,
And the tears start to come,

I put on my running shoes.
Tonight I can't hide.
I pace myself, breathing,
Letting go with every stride.

The melody of my footsteps,
The rhythm of my breaths,
Have synchronized into nothing;
A calm stillness inside my head.

I'm light as a feather.
I let myself fly.
The world is a blur, but tonight
... I'm alive.



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  • K.loshitha by K.loshitha
  • 6 months ago

As an athlete, I like running, so I love the 2nd stanza.

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