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Poem On Finding Peace Through Running

Just a short poem on me running to clear my head and let my worries go. Soul-Cleansing Run: A Poem of Finding Peace

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The Run

© more by Amar Qamar

Published by Family Friend Poems April 27, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I'm running to cleanse my soul.
"From what? To where?"
At this moment I do not care.
Rain drops beat against my face.
I run on faster, into its embrace.

"But why?"
To leave my cares behind.
To scream, to cry, to defy.
My feet hammering the ground.
In search of peace not yet found
I race on, clothes drenched in sweat.
To just let go, and forget.

"Had enough?"
Not yet, I scream at him silently.
As I feel my heart beating violently.
Against the wind and blustery showers.
I run on for what seems like hours.

"How much longer?"
Through the fury, past the past, and the pain.
So by this rain I'm washed and purified again.
So the breeze blows away the thoughts inside.
Until another hill, without running I can abide.

"When will you reach this goal?"
Until you my annoying friend stay quiet.
So I can be free from my life's disquiet.
After a while "anything else?" Not a sound...

I slow to a jog, and in my mind I prod around.
All silent, I relish the elements with a clear mind.
I turn around, and revel in the journey home.
With worries, and stress left behind.


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