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Hope In The Time Of Corona

Poetry is my way of making my feelings more real and of grappling with the fearful and unknown that so often plagues our lives. I hope this poem also serves as an opportunity for the reader to remember that there is hope, even - and especially - in the direst of circumstances.

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Alone Together


Published: May 2020

There are gaps and walls between us,
Yet we're close because we care,
And the distance is diminished,
For there's one enemy we share.

You know your friends all have their struggles,
So you try to hide each tear,
But there's no use holding back;
It can unite us too, our fear.

We are alone but still together,
Each one faced with the unknown,
And our friends we must rely on
As news chills us to the bone.

And yet fear feeds on our weakness,
Births the darkness in our mind.
We can choose the hopeful path, and
Some sweet solace we might find.

It's our actions that define us-
Our thoughts, our will, our ways.
We are all in this together.
Soon there will be better days.


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