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60+ Ideas For Poems - Comprehensive List Of Poem Ideas And Topics

Are you looking for creative ideas for what to write a poem about? Here is a fun and interesting list of over 60 ideas and topics to write a poem about. Go ahead and give one a try!

60+ Poetry Writing Prompts

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Do you want to write a poem but need an idea to get you started?

Give one of these writing ideas a try. It's all about being creative. Don't worry if you poem seems silly. It might be just the writing exercise you need in order to spark another idea.

Poetry Writing Ideas

  1. Describe your favorite childhood memory.
  2. Pick a color and use your senses to describe it.
  3. Write an acrostic about your favorite holiday.
  4. Write a limerick.
  5. Write a poem about a family member.
  6. Write a poem about a dream.
  7. Write a poem about weather (rain, snow, wind, sun, etc.).
  8. Write a poem that includes your five senses.
  9. Write about a memory triggered by a smell.
  10. Write a poem about advice for someone.
  11. Write a poem with a repeating line.
  12. Write a poem about a regret.
  13. Write about an object in nature that fascinates you.
  14. Think about an object that would be considered ugly, gross, etc. Write a poem that makes it seem beautiful, lovely, etc.
  15. Put a notebook by your bed so you are able to jot down parts of your dreams.
  16. Write a poem about a news article.
  17. Pick a picture in a magazine or newspaper and write a poem about what's happening in the picture.
  18. Write about something you imagine will happen in the future.
  19. Find a quote that speaks to you, and make up a poem that describes how that quote came to be.
  20. Assume the position of someone else (vet, teacher, pizza delivery guy, homeless woman, etc.) and tell a day in his/her life.
  21. Write about an inanimate object, telling what a day in its life is like.
  22. Write about a place that gives you peace.
  23. Describe the best/worst emotion without using that word.
  24. Describe the best/worst smell.
  25. On small pieces of paper write down as many nouns you can think of. Put them all in a jar, and pull out two that need to be included in your poem.
  26. Give advice to someone younger.
  27. Write about your best/worst day.
  28. Go to the mall, park, grocery store, etc. Write a poem about a person you see there. Or write a poem about something you hear someone say.
  29. Turn on some music and write about what that song makes you think about.
  30. Read a passage in a book, and pull out 15-20 words that you turn into a Found Poem. Or cut out words from a newspaper or magazine to organize into the form of a poem.
  31. Write about how it feels to wake up or fall asleep.
  32. Describe a season without using that word.
  33. Write a poem about not being afraid.
  34. Write a poem about someone who influenced  you.
  35. Write a poem where each line starts with the next letter of the alphabet
  36. Write an acrostic poem using your name - share about your personality, things that are important to you, etc.
  37. Write a funny poem.
  38. Write a poem for a child.
  39. Write about your biggest fear.
  40. Write a poem where all the ending words in each line rhyme.
  41. Write about a loss you experienced.
  42. Write a poem as a thank you.
  43. Write a poem inspired by the last book you read.
  44. Write a poem that is less than 20 words.
  45. Write about accepting yourself.
  46. Write a sad poem.
  47. Write about a lesson you learned.
  48. Write about a secret.
  49. Write about a hard time in your life.
  50. Write about being a teenager.
  51. Write a poem to share with a friend.
  52. Write about your first pet.
  53. Write a poem inspired by your spirituality.
  54. Write a poem that doesn't rhyme.
  55. Write a poem filled with hope.
  56. Write a poem using a poetry form you've never tried.
  57. Write a poem about a childhood friend.
  58. Write about an important moment in your life.
  59. Write a poem about the first word that pops into your head.
  60. Write a poem about a cause close to your heart.
  61. Write about your childhood home. 
  62. Write a poem about a current event

Planning Your Poem

Once you have an idea for your poem, it's time to begin planning it:

  • Is it going to be a long poem? Short poem?
  • Is it going to be funny? Serious?
  • Are you going to give it a surprise ending?
  • Do you want it to have long lines? Short lines?
  • Does it have a rhyming pattern that it follows?
  • How many stanzas?

Sometimes you don't need to have a specific plan. Sometimes you can start writing whatever comes to your head and worry about the formatting later.

What techniques do you use to get started on a new poem? Share them with us below.



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