Fall Poem

How Spending Time Outdoors Can Soothe Your Soul Poem

Nature is always soothing. It is a balm to the soul. Healing Power of Nature. Nature has a way of bringing peace to our hearts and minds. The changing seasons, the rustling of leaves, and the babbling of a brook can all have a calming effect on our souls. This poem, "Autumn Leaves," captures the beauty and tranquility of nature in the fall season.

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Autumn Leaves


Published by Family Friend Poems October 19, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Autumn leaves are falling
Soft, golden, and brown
The sun lends them a glowing hue
As they slide down to the ground.

The woods, they say, are deep
And dark and lovely, too
But there's still a promise of sunshine
As the sun has not yet bid adieu.

The trees stripped bare of leaves
Stand sentimentally aloof
They regret and they resent
The seasonal loss of their roof.

The river gurgles and babbles
As it narrows into a brook
It gently laughs at a rabbit
Snuggled cozily in a nook.

The music of the river
And of distant church bells
Mingled harmoniously together
Cast a hypnotic spell.

The drops of water sparkle
In the light of the dying sun
They transform to a golden river
The like of which was seen by none.

The rocks gleam with hidden gems
That wink with a luminous glow
At a creature with eyes as lovely -
A sparklingly clear-eyed doe.

The forest is quiet as it beholds
For the umpteenth time such a scene
Whilst the nature-fairy blesses the place
Having come in lieu of her queen.

The autumn leaves rustle
As they softly downward fall
They are both green and golden
And they form a bed on the knoll,

Bringing a peace to the mind
And a warmth to the heart that's rare
The leaves then depart to the soil
Promising to return from their lair.

And though they are but autumn leaves
They spread the gaiety of spring
As they like the lovely beauty queen
Much beauty and contentment do bring.


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