Poem about Sadness

Poem Questioning Faith Due To The Holocaust

My deep disgust, my heavy disgrace, my utter pain about all the Holocaust, is all I can express right now. This story has always cast a pall on me; all this pain, all these persecutions, make my heart break and spill.

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Black Velvet Sky


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

I see death--
It's not black nor white
he's got the star of David wrapped around his wrist
black clouds

Completely addicted to pain or death
all this imagery, all this nightmare
waking up every day, killing me every day
I can hear the SS's stony paces

Two eyes look at me through a window--
despair, oh black despair, you abandoned me in Dachau
I can't see but Death; I can't see but clouds; I can't see but tears
for how long will I suffer?

Speaking of heart, I--
I don't label myself as perfect, oh no, I don't
but how can they throw their human nature away?
their eyes are cold tunnels; their hands are guns.

Kill me, for I can't stand here idle--
we're all dying but our hearts are on fire
I wonder why, I wonder why they can't even burn them in their ovens
as they burn us; oh what have we done, dearest, to them?

For we are, to them, but disgusting parasites--
and we have to die.


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