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Poem about the misunderstanding of a mother's comments about fish being brain food. When I was a child I spent many nights falling to sleep with the covers pulled over top of my head. I was afraid of the dark and imaginary monsters. As an adult I've found that many of our fears in life end up as imaginary.

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Brain Food

© more by Irwin Mercer

Published: April 2014

Last night at dinner we had some fish,
and though I tried, I did not finish.
My mother told me while I chewed,
brains loved fish over all other food.

Would a big scary brain come looking to see
if his favorite food was inside of me?
Excusing myself, I went straight to bed
and pulled the covers over top of my head.

I tossed and turned without any sleep,
wondering about what brains hate to eat.
Fatty meats and sweets, my mama had said.
So quickly downstairs I silently tread,
and into the kitchen to remedy my dread.

Now erased are my fears to bed,
with any feelings of doom.
For now is sugar sprinkled, widespread,
all about my room.



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