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Things Women Do Not Tell

A little adult like humor to jump start spring~ The things women do not tell

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Spring Has Sprung Me Into A Tizzy


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2014 with permission of the Author.

I woke to the sights of Spring today
A time I love and a time I dread
'Cause there's so much I see ahead
Before summer makes its entrance

Spring has sprung me into a tizzy
Awaken my spirit from a long reserve
Hibernation has kept me well conserved
I believe freedom is now in the air

Time to resume, conclude from hiding
To reform myself and all my grounds
To work off all those winter pounds
And get off thy lazy butt

Time to pull out those summer clothes
Refuse those tempting cookies and pies
Curse my chocolate indulging thighs
And squeeeeeze into my swimsuit

Time to break out my Taebo tapes
Pay to bake beneath UV rays
Walk my dog into a daze
All because I heard the birds today

Time to peel back all the layers
Revealing myself like the flowers
Jumpstart myself and find the power
No time to procrastinate

Time to connect with nature's trends
To paint my toes and dye my hair
Store away my granny underwear
And put the bra back on

Time to eat my veggies first
Sport backless dresses and flip flops
Wear daisy dukes and halter tops
Damn, that means I must shave my legs

All this because I heard the birds!


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