Christmas Poem

Christmas Poem For Children

This was a poem I wrote for my three year old sister for Christmas time.

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Christmas Time


Published: December 2014

In the distance, quite afar
I see the bright shining star
Although it's quite far away
It begins the story of this special day
Long ago, out of danger
Jesus lay in the manger
As shepherds watched their sheep at night
They suddenly saw the twinkling light
Which guided them all the way
To see the baby in the hay
The kings who also saw the light
Came riding through the cold snowy night
And even though they were quite old
They bought him lots and lots of gold
However, all around the earth
We all forget the special birth
Christmas is now much more fun
Now all the traditions have begun
Snowball fights with our friends
Playing all day till it ends
Dancing round the cozy fire
Listening to the sweet singing choir
There is of course one serious matter
Christmas time just makes you fatter
Eating lots of food at dinner
That won't make you any thinner
Putting up the Christmas lights
Brightens up the dark cold nights
Hanging decorations on the tree
Makes people happy and full of glee
And then we get to Christmas Eve
Where Santa's packed and ready to leave
The jolly man all in red
Expects you to be asleep in bed
With a sprinkle of magic and a wave of goodbye
Santa's reindeer fly high in the sky
Dashing through the snowy night
Santa's now out of sight
Now on the roofs Santa's slowing
But Rudolph's nose is still glowing
Climbing out the loaded sleigh
He eats your cookies off a tray
As you're asleep he creeps around
Trying not to make a sound
He leaves the presents piled high
Then flies back through the wintry sky
I love Christmas
It's so much fun
It's a happy time for everyone



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