Long Distance Poem

An Indelible Impression

As a young sailor I met this young woman in New York city. Many years have passed and yet I still can still hear her sighs and taste her lips. Always I will ponder her fate.

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Pat, I was absolutely thrilled to read your comment. Such a compliment from a poet with your talent is far more than I could have ever hoped for. It is so very good to know that you are...

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Concrete Angel


Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

There on the streets of Manhattan
Beneath the cold neon light
You were the soul of my affections
And all with the world seemed right

The wind was singing of your beauty
The snow caressed you as it fell
You were the road that lay before me
But where it led no one could tell

The city seemed to fall silent
Beneath a blanket of white
And you looked just like an Angel
Standing in Times Square that night

You took me to see the high lights
Of the city you loved so much
You took me dancing in the Village
And taught me the pleasure of your touch

At repose in your apartment
My head spinning with the wine
I pulled you closer to me
And you whispered you were mine

You looked just like an Angel
With neon light in your hair
And you smelled just like heaven
With alabaster skin laid bare

I lay awake in the darkness
And I listened to you breathe
And you looked just like an Angel
As you lay there next to me

Strawberry hair covered your pillow
And freckles covered your nose
When I kissed you on your fingertips
It made you wriggle your toes

There on that island
Cast of mortar, stone and steel
My world moved in slow motion
And the night seemed surreal

I said you were my Concrete Angel
Because of where you lived
You asked me for my heart
But I didn't have one to give

It was time for me to leave
And the snow had turned to rain
And you looked just like an Angel
As we headed for the train

We made the drive in silence
Neither could find any words to say
You rested your head on my shoulder
My feet had turned to clay

There were no words in parting
Neither wanted to say goodbye
And you looked just like an Angel
Just as you started to cry

Raindrops on your eye lashes
Your mascara had started to run
And you looked just like an Angel
Whose world had come undone

Our hands pressed against the glass
Our souls screaming to be heard
So much emotion welled up inside
But neither could say a word

You were a dancer at a club downtown
And I was a sailor who couldn't stay
And you looked just like an Angel
As you watched the train pull away

I have touched the face of Heaven
And felt the warmth of her glow
I held my Angel close to me
And then I let her go

Where have all of the good years gone
One by one they slipped away
Did all of your dreams come true
Or did life get in the way

So many times I've thought of you
And how things might have been
With an Angel by my side
No broken heart to mend

There is an Angel in Manhattan
She lives high up in the clouds
Away from the city streets
Above the maddening crowds


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If it's even possible, I think you are even more gifted as a poet than you were way back when I first became your loyal fan and friend. This poem is incredibly beautiful The story it tells of the lost love of this young sailor is so romantic and sad all at once. You use rhyming which is my favorite form of poetry and yours is impeccably perfect. Your descriptions are so detailed and real, especially for those of us who have been to NY and can picture the scenes perfectly. I think that most of us can relate to that lost love that we still wonder about today and miss. Life is filled with "what ifs?" and this is probably one of the major ones that we all face. I was so thrilled to see "seawolf" on your poem because I still think of you often. Thank you for sharing this absolute Masterpiece that made me swoon, smile and cry all at the same time. You still have the soul of a true poet.
Your old friend, Pat

  • Seawolf by Seawolf, Willis Va. U.S.A. Poet
  • 5 months ago

Pat, I was absolutely thrilled to read your comment. Such a compliment from a poet with your talent is far more than I could have ever hoped for. It is so very good to know that you are indeed still out there and still sharing your immense talent with the world. An ability such as yours is what we all aspire to. You provide us all with a template and a benchmark.
Thank You My Friend for sharing your feelings with us all.

All The Very Best,

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