Hurting Poem

Trapped In Love Poem: The Lure Of Dangerous Men

Womanizers. Those boys and men who make us want them so badly even though we know that they are no good for us. This poem talks about my personal heartbreak associated with being in a relationship with one of these people. The games they play with our hearts, and the feeling we bundle up inside, are what I tried to express in this poem.

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2014 with permission of the Author.

I did not know before I met you
What it truly means to be in love
To have my world, that's full of logic
Be torn from me and fall apart

As if in dreams, you stand before me.
Tall with pride and quick with wit
Like the epiphany of passion,
Which makes my downfall so complete

I shudder, the moment you embrace me,
And want to fall down to your feet
And when your brown eyes look upon me,
They pierce my soul with magic heat

You hold me free, at will, in heaven,
And trap me easily in hell
You cast a spell upon my conscience
Your every wish, now my command

So why the hell do you still need me,
If your new game you've found at last?
To simply torture me with envy?
Or kill me slow rather than fast?

We play a game of sick obsession
The flesh and soul, combined in one
There is no potion of redemption
We've sinned too much and gone too far


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