Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem He Will Never Love Me Back

This story is about my best friend, I like him a lot, and he means the world to me. He does not understand what I go through every day when his picture enters my head...I think I will always love him...and he will never love me back.

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Promise Me


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010 with permission of the Author.

The truth came out
Bit by aching bit
Leaving my heart sealed together by only one stitch
And my soul turning to nothing but dust
I used to wish upon stars
Every single night
Hoping for an answer to all my star struck questions
Star light, star bright, how come nothing ever goes right?
Until I realized wishes never come true
And I am too scared to follow my dreams wherever they may lead
The twinkling of your green eyes
Still too bears a hole in my chest to this day
And your voice is a beautiful melody
Singing a lullaby to all the lonely hearts
But your lullaby has stopped working
And I am finally no longer blind
I can see
I can see everything except the truth
Of why you must hurt me?
The butterflies in my stomach
Can finally fly away now
And the roadblock covering my heart
Has been removed
My soul will always be shattered though
And it cannot be glued back together
I need a hero
To save me from this mess
A hero that will love me forever and always
and seal that promise with a kiss.


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