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I am a high school student out of Bridgetown, California and I like to express myself through art, and this is a poem that I wrote explaining how hard it is to show the feelings you have for someone that you really care about. This poem is for someone because I wanted them to know that they are precious to me.

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James, I believe that this could be a spark of love.I also believe that he is allowed to love whom he wishes.When a young mind grasps something they never thought they would find,they tend...

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Hidden Feelings


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009 with permission of the author.

Hiding the feelings that grow stronger
the time that we are apart feels even longer
the clock ticks and the cold breeze flows
as for me I know where my heart glows
covering the smile you cause me to make
it is this nervousness that I must break
these hidden feelings I must hide no more
as I walk up the path that leads to your door
ringing the bell hearing the chime
I'm not going to let you go this time
building the courage admitting how I feel
is this a dream or is this actually real
my heart is pounding, beating out of my chest
because you my love is life's big test


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  • Rukaya Soofe by Rukaya Soofe
  • 8 years ago

I met my love over the internet 3 years back. He's always been lovely, amazing and charming. You could say he's every thing a girl wants. But the sad thing is we million miles away from each other and the worst part would probably be the fact that we haven't met yet. Its a shame how people take love at sight for granted while we want to be side by side more than anything. Even though distance has us apart our heart's get closer every second of every hour. He's the ONE and nothing is going to change that.

  • Amber Clarksburg by Amber Clarksburg
  • 8 years ago

HI my name is Amber I am 21 and I fell in love with this guy a week ago yes it's crazy but my parents met him and really like him. I went on my first date with him the movies and after he took me out to eat. He means a lot to me and now we're planning for the future together. I love him so much he opens doors for me when were out and he opens the car door too. I have never had somebody that made me feel so special before like he does. Well that's my story.

  • Isabella by Isabella
  • 9 years ago

I love a boy we were just friends then my other friend told him I liked him so he came down to play with me. We went to his house and had our first kiss and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend. We go out every day so I told on my friends friend a girl andI told my friends girlfriend that he kissed me.

  • Reina by Reina, Massachusetts
  • 10 years ago

It was a new start for me . I begin 6th grade and go to a new afterschool. After my first classes in middle school, I saw him. I kept thinking to myself "Do I love him?" Its almost 2 months now ( currently its 10/28/2012) and right as I type I'm thinking about him... I wonder Does he feel the way I do? Everyday/Everytime I see him makes my heart pound, and when I'm near him I do the most stupidest things yet. Two of my friends help me try to make him like me. Justin , if you are reading this know that I love you with all my heart.....

  • Kate Thompson by Kate Thompson, North England
  • 11 years ago

I've been friends with a guy for about 3 years now, we see each other every day at school, I had a crush on him for like a week in year 7 but he didn't really notice me but then all of a sudden he said he liked me, then 3 months later said he loved me, but now I find myself smiling and blushing when he smiles at me, I'm always thinking of him and I think I'm slowly falling for him

  • James by James
  • 11 years ago

sounds like infatuation to me but certainly not love.
what you describe is not love but you are a child.
wait a few years

  • Mya Currence by Mya Currence
  • 8 years ago

I believe that this could be a spark of love.I also believe that he is allowed to love whom he wishes.When a young mind grasps something they never thought they would find,they tend to hold it tightly.Do not crush this young boy's heart.

This is an excellent poem and I am glad that you shared it with all of us.I have written poems on this website and I enjoy doing it.I hope you continue writing.And I also hope that you find the perfect girl.

  • Anonymous by Anonymous, Texas
  • 12 years ago

I've been in love with my best friend for a while. We would always hang out at school during the school year or play together outside. We'd flirt a little and play around, but I could never tell him how I feel. The stuff we did he claimed was a dare. I believed him because boys are immature like that. Just like regular friends we'd have our good and bad times but I could never stay mad at him. Well summers come and he hasn't really talked to me. I'd text him then he wouldn't text back. Finally when he did he said he'd lost his phone. I know he's lying and our friendship is falling apart by the second. The thing is for some reason I feel like I should be mad at him or just forget about him and move on. But I just can't seem to let go. I think him about all the time, day and night. I wonder if he's doing the same. My feelings are jumbled. I'm not sure what he would do if I told him the truth. The way he's ignoring me I feel dumb and I don't have the courage to tell him the truth.

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