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Having the courage to leave an abusive relationship

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I can't leave. I have no one. He loves me. Suck it up. These are the things I would tell myself. I used to have so much confidence, so much go. I met him and it was instant love. The first 4...

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Courage To Leave Abusive Relationship

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Published: November 2007

From the Depths of despair when my world fell apart
I felt all alone and heavy in heart
My life had been shattered by a tight fisted hand
who could I turn to, Who'd understand?
So with no self esteem and in a broken mess
I made a decision about my happiness
I took all my courage I could find
To make a stand for myself and leave him behind
Those first few months were the loneliest I've been
But I knew it was worth it not to be hit again
Again in finding myself I cried a river of tears
Learning to love me and facing my fears.

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  • Illianna Pettway by Illianna Pettway
  • 5 months ago

I can't leave. I have no one. He loves me. Suck it up. These are the things I would tell myself. I used to have so much confidence, so much go. I met him and it was instant love. The first 4 years I wasn't my best. I was spoiled my whole life and I brought that into my relationship. Time passed I'm in a town with only his friends and family. He beats me and blames me. You're pathetic. You're worthless. I'll kill you was a everyday notion, not one I'm sorry. I'm still here crying because I feel I turned him into this monster and I am holding onto the memory of him.

  • Broken2pieces by Broken2pieces
  • 2 months ago

I can relate so much to what you posted. I use to be so loving and sweet but now I'm unhappy, depressed and bitter from being with a man that claims I mean the world but treats me like an enemy. There's no reasoning with him. And I have no family.

  • Mary by Mary, Reservior
  • 6 years ago

He was the only one that ever made me happy, yet he was the one who tore my whole life apart. I was the happiest I had ever been in the first two months of out relationship. I even told him why my mother passed away when I was 12, which is a story only about 3 people know. At about the three month mark he started to blame me for things that had gone wrong even if they had absolutely nothing to do with me and he would threaten to kill himself right in front of me. I would do everything in my power of course to keep that from happening, like any good girlfriend should do. He had done this about 7 times during our relationship and had even put a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me with him so we would die together. Even now I still miss and love him. It's been about a year now but I know that if I didn't leave then it would be my name on the grave stone... not his!

  • Jasmine by Jasmine
  • 7 years ago

I fell in love with a guy when I was 16...he was 17....I just knew in my heart that this was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I gave him everything I had to offer mind, body, and soul...the first 2 months was amazing I felt like things could not get any better...he made me smile all the time...he made my knee's shake when he looked at me...and when he would look me in the eyes smile and say baby I love you I felt that it was true...I never thought he would do ANYTHING to harm me in any way...and then he started to change! He began to call me horrible names, saying things to me that no one should ever say. He got upset one day over something so petty and I tried comforting him you know like a girlfriend is SUPPOSE to do and he turned on me and hit me in my face and then began to drag me by my hair and slam me to the floor...I should have left him then but I was young and in love...I thought ok he said he was sorry and that it would NEVER happen again...but needless to say it did...then I became pregnant by him and he dragged me across his bedroom floor when I was 8 months and threatened to kill me and leave me in the woods....but I have a beautiful 2 month old son and I love him with all my heart I will never put myself in a situation like this ever again!

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