Dark Poem

No Moon Tonight: A Poem Of Darkness And Anxiety

A powerful poem that explores the feelings of darkness and uncertainty that can consume us in the darkest of moments. Through the use of repetition and vivid imagery, the poem paints a picture of internal turmoil and the desire for release from suffering.

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© more by Evangeline King

Published by Family Friend Poems January 16, 2023 with permission of the Author.

No moon tonight
Darkness creeps in
Into my soul
Into my heart
Wondering, wondering
Can't stop pondering
This morose condition
Tearing me apart

No moon tonight
Angst grows nigh
Tearing me down
Building a wall
Hammering, Hammering
Voices are murmuring
No one to catch me
and I'm gonna fall

No moon tonight
South grows quiet
There's no breeze
No rustling leaves
Pounding, Pounding
Insecurities hounding
Who will bare witness
as sanity flees

No moon tonight
Darkness creeps in
Into my thoughts
Into my head
Taking, taking
pill to stop shaking
so that I may crawl
into a restless bed


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