Family Death Poem

Poem About Father's Death Feeling Unreal

My father passed away on Dec 30th of 2008. Ironically, that is the same day as my son's birthday, whom I placed for adoption. He turned three years old the same day my dad died. Apparently my dad had a blood clot in a main artery in his heart and died somewhat comfortably in his sleep. I still am having a hard time believing this is happening, though I know it did. I am 26 years old, and in the Navy. He was 61 on Dec 26, four days before his death.

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Don't Want To Smile

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Published: July 2015

We walk around in silence,
Feeling strange if we laugh.
We don't want to smile,
It's just too strange to do that.
I feel like it's not real.
You can't be gone, but you are.
They say you're in a better place,
So near, yet so very far.
I see you everywhere,
Your things remind me
Of this horrible nightmare.
Why did you leave us here alone?
Why couldn't you wait a little more?
But nothing is going to change this,
You are gone and not to return,
So we will go home to an empty house,
Go on in a cold, dark world,
Without you by our side,
But forever with you on our mind,
Forever in our hearts,
And that, my dear father,
Will warm us up inside.



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