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Poems for a Dead Aunt

Many aunts hold a special place in the hearts of their nieces and nephews. Aunts are often a source of good, unbiased advice and wonderful friendships. Understandably then, coping with the loss of an aunt can be especially difficult. Many people find solace in crying, talking, and writing about their aunt. Sharing special stories about an aunt with others and reliving shared experiences can keep her alive in memory. It is also a way to celebrate the value of life and family relationships and even validate our reason for living.

Farewell Tribute Poems for the Death of an Aunt


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  1. My Aunt

    • By Megan Stokes
    • Published: December 2007
    Death Of Aunt From Multiple Sclerosis

    I thought I saw her face today
    In the sparkle of the morning sun.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "Her work on earth is done."...

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    My aunt died of MS and this poem really touched me.. thank you for writing it

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  3. My Aunt Jean

    • By Joan C. Johnson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem For An Aunt Who Died

    I close my eyes as I wipe a tear.
    I just keep wishing you were still here.
    I will hold all the memories deep in my heart.
    Through these memories will never part....

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    my aunt died Thursday the 21st at 45 years of age of a heart attack.... this poem touched me to my is very beautiful!!

  4. God Took Another Angel Home

    • By Christina Wallace
    • Published: September 2009
    Mourning Poem

    You laid there in that hospital
    bed, you tried so hard to hold on.

    God was calling you home. He needed ...

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    this poem touched me deeply. I can relate to this so much. I watched my aunt die in the hospital after a long fight with a terrible illness. her whole family was all around. and she didn't...

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  6. Dedicated To My Aunt

    • By Natalyvasquez
    • Published: June 2011

    Life is too short,
    It's not enough,
    but we must understand,
    That if we live it in love and faith,...

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    My Auntie Marybeth died on September 18, 2011. Its been so hard to get over because she was like a second mother to me. She died of ovarian cancer after a 10 year battle. She was the...

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  7. Missing You

    • By Danielle Anglin
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Wishing We Didn't Have To Say Goodbye

    Life is full of pain and sorrow,
    You're here today,
    Gone tomorrow.

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  8. Poem About The Death Of A Loved One

    • By Aimee
    • Published: May 2012

    I know that you're dead and you're gone for good
    It's hard to accept, but now I've understood
    Nothing lasts forever, even if it's good or it's bad
    Now you're up in heaven; it makes me feel glad...

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    My aunt was buried yesterday. She was ailing for sometime. Her leg was amputated because of diabetic. She got gangrene. The doctor's try they ever best for her. I know she is in a better...

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  10. I Reckon

    • By Kayla
    • Published: January 2008
    Remembering Dead Aunt

    I reckon I miss you
    and I probably always will
    this is so hard to get over
    like swallowing a bitter pill...

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    My aunty is very sick she does not have much time left and this really helped me thank you

  11. I Felt It Break

    • By Mickayla
    • Published: June 2010

    I took a walk to try to ease my mind and get over your goodbyes.
    Though I know you're in a better place, surely God must know I want you back.
    Later that night I shed a tear, the one I've been saving for you
    and I could cry anymore after that....

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    Well I was next to Aunts side through her fight to live holding all night and day! she just passed away 4 days ago:( I felt so much hurt. I'm still in shock I cant believe she is gone! when...

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  12. Heaven's #1 Angel

    • By Genovie
    • Published: November 2012
    Poem To An Aunt Who Died Too Young

    Auntie, I miss you.
    I'm now 13.
    Every day you're with me, but it's not the same.
    We didn't see each other often, which makes it harder......

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    I'm 11, my aunt died of drug overdose. She was like my sister I preferred her over my mom I could tell her anything. We always would talk we didn't see each other much but we were planning to...

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  13. Christmas In Heaven

    As Christmas gets closer I begin to realize that it is your first in heaven.
    It was not your time to go, but the angels took you anyway.
    I still ask myself why?
    Why did they have to take you? ...

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    We lost a beautiful woman, mother, sister, and aunt, yesterday. She will forever be in our thoughts and her heart's gone but never forgotten. I will miss you dearly as well as all who loved...

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