Sad Birthday Poems

Published: January 2019

Poems Remembering The Birthday Of Loved Ones Who’ve Passed Away

8 Poems Remembering The Birthday Of Loved Ones Who’ve Passed Away

Celebrating the birthday of a loved one who has passed away can be difficult. You want nothing more than for that person to be here with you. Poetry is a great source of comfort during times of grief.

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    I wrote this poem for my son who died in 2010. I wrote it for his first birthday in heaven, as I could not allow his special day to go unnoticed. I needed to make sure he was not forgotten by others outside our small family, and by writing it, it made me feel closer to him...

    Birthday Wishes To My Son In Heaven

    in In Memory Poems

    If I could have one wish in life,
    That wish would have to be
    That God would take away my pain
    And send you back to me.

    Your birthday's here today, my son,
    And I just wanted you to know
    How much I deeply love you
    And that I miss you so.

    On days like this we should celebrate,
    But for me that now proves hard,
    For unlike other mothers, I cannot send
    A simple birthday card.

    No kisses can I give you
    Or birthday gifts to buy.
    Only flowers I now can give you,
    Which I place down where you lie.

    Two other things I send you
    Are my thoughts and all my love,
    So hold them close and keep them safe
    In Heaven up above.

    And please wait for me, my darling
    Until my days are through,
    And then I'll come and spend all time
    In Heaven just with you.

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    I am a mother and a grandmother. The Bible teaches us that no sin is greater than another because of forgiveness. I believe the same with sorrow. None greater or less than another. It's in...

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    My daughter died 5 years ago, but it is like it happened yesterday. I sat with her holding her hand as she died. This is a poem I wrote for her 25th birthday.

    A Heavenly Birthday

    Birthday Wishes To Daughter In Heaven

    in In Memory Poems

    You walk beside me every day.
    You're here in all I do and say.
    At night I close my eyes and pray
    To someone who took you away.

    My thoughts are all in disarray.
    My tears are public, on display.
    I wish that you were here today,
    That you could take my pain away.

    Why do I play this game I play?
    Pretend to all that I'm okay?
    This will sound selfish, some will say,
    But I wish you hadn't gone away.

    I don't go out, got feet of clay.
    I know you're here so want to stay.
    I wish I could relive that day.
    I would have washed your pain away.

    Memories like a DVD play,
    Memories of that awful day.
    So much that I wanted to say
    That day someone took you away.

    My thoughts don't move; they never may,
    Won't even meet me half the way,
    So till we meet on God's highway,
    I'll sit and dream my life away.

    I send my love to heaven today,
    Not just because it's your birthday.
    I'll send you love every day
    Until my life has passed away.

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    Love it, hits the right notes for me as a recent widow. It beautifully expressed my thoughts.

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    I realize people usually celebrate birthdays of those loved ones and friends we still have with us on this earth. That is the usual way of things, this is true, but not to the mother who loses her child. There is no normal way of things for her anymore. So this is my birthday poem I have written for my loving son who was recently taken home to heaven and since my son's birthday is in the month of January, and this is his first birthday in heaven, this is my poem. Happy Birthday, my Chris.

    January's Child Of Mine

    Son's Birthday In Heaven

    in Grief Poems

    January's child of mine,
    sweet miracle of God's design.

    Oh, how I can recall the night.
    Snow was drifting soft and white.

    Then as if a dream came true,
    my life was graced with loving you,
    my January boy in blue.

    Perfect, unique, one of a kind,
    masterpiece of the Divine,
    January's child of mine.

    Into a man from child you grew,
    strong and loyal, tried and true.

    So special you are; God only knew.
    Heaven needed an angel; that angel was you.

    January's child of mine,
    your life, so precious, God's design.

    To Heaven I'm sending my love and a kiss,
    I'm lighting a candle and making a wish
    that I'll be joined in God's good time
    to January's child of mine.

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    I lost my mother many years ago. The date of her birth is also the date of her passing. She is sadly missed. I love you, Mum!

    My Mum's Birthday

    • By Suzanne N. Painter
    • Published: January 2019
    Remembering The Memories Of A Mother

    in In Memory Poems

    I lost you all those years ago,
    But memories don't fade; they grow.
    Your special day will always be
    One that means so much to me.

    A special wish to show I care,
    A card, a gift, and time to share.
    That special day that marked your birth,
    Also the day you left this Earth.

    I celebrate on that day still.
    I always have and always will.
    I know that you are always there,
    For now I speak with you in prayer.

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    I write poems for my own personal therapy. All my poems are true and are from feelings I've felt at some point. I'm a mother of 4 kids who are my world.

    Happy Birthday In Heaven

    in In Memory Poems

    The very first month
    Of each passing year
    Brings up your birthday
    Even though you're not here.

    There are years that I smile
    Seeing memories of you,
    But sometimes it's hard
    The whole day through.

    I don't buy you gifts
    Or ice cream and cake.
    I don't send invites;
    There are no guests to thank.

    Just as you liked it
    When you were with us.
    Not much on attention
    Or making a fuss.

    You'd give others presents
    Instead of you.
    God understood that
    And knew what to do.

    He put you together
    With a kind heart.
    He made you perfect
    Right from the start.

    You became the present
    'Cause he knew how'd you'd be.
    Even on YOUR birthday
    You'd give the gifts to me.

    Yet, it still seems ironic
    That on the day of your birth
    I got the best gift
    With the most worth.

    So on January second
    Of every year,
    I'm down on my knees
    And fighting the tears.

    I thank God for my gift
    Of choosing you as my Dad.
    You were the best father
    I could have had.

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    My best friend lost her 3-year-old son, Jayden, to Meningitis in 2012, just 2 weeks before Christmas. We got him to the hospital, but he later died. Jayden was a big part of my life, and watching him pass away was extremely heartbreaking. Writing this poem for Jayden's birthday has enabled me to express what he means to us all.

    Balloons In Heaven

    • By Sharon L. Rice
    • Published: January 2019
    Celebrating A Birthday In Heaven

    in In Memory Poems

    Your birthday is here again,
    but in heaven you will be.
    We will celebrate your special day
    visiting you and your memorial tree.

    You are now another year older;
    this will never show on your face.
    In heaven you are a child forever
    as this is your magical place.

    We call out your precious name
    and send balloons up to the sky.
    We watch them fade into the clouds.
    The wind has sent them up high.

    We hope you have a party up there
    with the balloons we sent to you.
    Presents to open from the angels
    and a cake with some candles too!

    We will sing you Happy Birthday,
    but we try not to shed a tear
    as this should be a happy day
    we will celebrate each year.

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    My dad passed away last year, but I still wanted to acknowledge his birthday. We will forever miss his presence on this earth, but we also know someday we will celebrate together for eternity.

    Happy Heavenly Birthday

    My Dad's Birthday

    in Spiritual Poems about Death

    No presents bought, no candles blown; this year you walk on streets of gold,
    And it's so much more than the stories you've been told.

    The sun is shining on your face,
    and you're standing in all of God's good grace.

    There were people there to meet you at that pearly gate.
    Promise for me there too you will wait.

    The angels no longer sing from up above;
    but hand in hand together, you sing about God's love.

    No more pain, no more strife,
    but the gift of eternal life.

    The sufferings of this world are left behind.
    You made your mark; your life was not left undefined.

    You told people of your Savior's love and how he died for you and me
    so we could spend our time praising him for all eternity.

    Someday we'll meet again,
    for time is just a vapor in the wind.

    But until that day comes, I will miss you every day.
    I just wanted to wish you a happy heavenly birthday.

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    My friend had a fatal accident and died on the spot five years ago. I know it's a long time, but it still feels like yesterday. This poem serves as a remembrance and celebration of her birthday and a way of praying she never forgets me too.

    Birthdays In Heaven

    Remembering The Birthday Of A Friend Who Passed Away

    in Loss of a Friend Poems

    I remember the first day we met.
    You were all smiles, always happy.
    This I must say is the saddest birthday yet
    Because I still haven't learned to forget.

    Here I am, sitting all alone,
    Not knowing what to do or what to say,
    Calling every day, hoping you'll pick your phone
    Because I can't believe you left this way.

    You were a damsel, an angel, a shining light,
    A sun at noon and a star at night,
    A mirror of beauty, a golden ray,
    And again, here comes your birthday.

    Here is to wishing you a happy birthday, dear.
    I wish and hope that you will hear
    My heart is aching from trying to comprehend
    How a being so sweet can have a tragic end.

    I hope at least you'll get a birthday card.
    Knowing you're gone still makes me sad.
    Again, happy birthday to a darling friend.
    I'll love you forever till the world's end.

    I'll really like a sign from God
    So that I'll know you can see this word for word,
    So please consider this my special way
    Of wishing you a happy, happy birthday.

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