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Poetry for the Loss of a Wife

When we take our vows and say, "until death do we part," we are lying to ourselves. Death only brings a physical departure. A marriage and the bond between a husband and wife make two people into one. That means that even when we lose a wife, we are still left with that special love that burns inside and never dies. That internal love burns on even if our wife is no longer with us. Clinging to that love inside of us, even if it can never be physically expressed, should carry us and sustain us in her passing.

Poems Honoring A Deceased Wife


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  1. Reflections

    • By David John Love
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Remembered Feelings And Choices

    Remember all those happy days, those times she called our own
    In all those well-loved places where you now grieve alone.
    And those small endearing gestures, which you thought you knew so well,
    Are fading, as time passes, with her words, her kiss, her smell.

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    So touching. Nicely worded. Simple and real feelings expressed. Kudos.

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  3. One Last Kiss

    • By Marty Pijanowski
    • Published: October 2009

    I have fought the feelings
    And emotions inside
    That fills and empties me,
    Like a fast rolling tide.

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    I lost my wife to lung cancer also I have to say that this poem is how I feel also in my heart. We found out on our first wedding anniversary on our second she had little time left on...

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  4. The Leaving

    • By Colin Jarratt
    • Published: December 2008
    Poem About The Anger And Pain Of Losing Wife

    Is it truly selfish to want you back again?
    I could not calm your mind, I could not ease your pain;
    I thought my love would be enough to keep you here with me;
    But now I know that was never going to be.

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    This is beautiful. I know that your wife is watching over you and she feels and knows that you love her so much.

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  6. My Bride

    • By Brad Higgins
    • Published: April 2014
    Poem About Not Fearing Death

    When I had you I was afraid to die.
    Now that you're gone, death is my friend; he is by my side.
    If he takes me today, I will go with a smile.
    Let others cope and heal for awhile.

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    Dear Brad, I truly understand your pain that you are enduring, seemingly endlessly, each and every day. You are not to blame. The deepest love and dedication lives infinitely between those...

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  7. My Soulmate

    Heartache Of Losing A Loved One

    I still say I Love You,
    But now there's no reply.
    I always feel your presence
    As if you never left my side.

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    I lost my wife, my love, my best friend, my partner of 30 years, all at one time, four days before Valentine's Day and a lifetime too soon. She was beautiful, both inside and out, and much...

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  8. Miss You On Your Birthday

    • By Ron Heath
    • Published: July 2013
    Poem Remembering Great Times Together

    Dear Stacy,

    All I ever wanted in this life
    Was for you to be my beautiful wife.

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  10. Happy Valentine's Day, Babe

    Poem About Missing Wife On Valentine's Day

    Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries are hard,
    But Valentine's Day seems the hardest of all.
    Christmas I celebrate with all I hold dear,
    Though your absence is felt through all of the cheer.

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    My mother died 6 months ago. As a son, and as an actor it has been extremely difficult processing my feelings. I've been on a movie for the past few days playing a new father who lost...

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  11. She

    • By James Johnson
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem About A Husband's Only Love

    I found my lady dying
    Lying across our bed
    I pulled her to me gently
    And kissed her sweet forehead

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  12. Today

    • By Anthony Holbrook
    • Published: December 2011
    When Will The Hurt Stop? Poem

    They say time heals all
    Is today the day the hurt begins to fall

    They say that it will get better and time will ease the pain;

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  13. Pink Ribbon

    • By Kevin T Pearson
    • Published: May 2012
    Poem About Wife Dying From Breast Cancer

    They said time would ease the pain.
    Every day I still feel the same.
    I wake every morning reaching for you,
    My pillow soaked with my tears like the morning dew.

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    I lost my love and wife to breast cancer after a four year battle. She also left three precious babies. Thanks Kevin Pearson.

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