Dream Poem by Teens

When Life Seems So Complicated

I wrote this in my English class when I was bored and trying to figure everything out.

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Dreams Insanity


Published: January 3, 2017

Each time you try it only fails
Weaving lies from older tales
You leave the truth far behind
Walking on as you find
Each was a dream you wished was true
Imagining irises of the deepest blue
The sweet smelling roses with their scent
Of lilacs in summer, whole world was bent
Tilting away as everything turns red
Each scream is another tear unshed
Leaving a gap, a hole not filled
Day after day each one is stilled
Lost forever in a void of dreams
That saved you from the haunting screams
The voices filled with tears and hate
Guilt free once, now it's too late
Try to turn back, but instead you stay
Reliving these memories each passing day
Dreams upon hate, tears upon pain
Lies sharp as diamonds, falling like rain
Weaving this world to hide the best
Awake each night, only death brings rest
Only silence brings the dreams you crave
And yet instead still it can't save
You from the worst, of what's to be
For lies are truth, and dreams insanity.

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