Addiction Poem

Drug Addicted Boyfriend

About me loving my boyfriend, being in the drug life and I don't want my life to be thrown away if something goes wrong. but I love him too much to let him go

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Close My Eyes


Published: November 2007

What are these emotions, it's hard to tell.
In my mind, I close my eyes and picture you going to jail.
Me, the wife type.
You, in the drug life
I have a mind of my own,
But I don't use it because you are on the thrown.
You, a big time drug dealer.
I ,the ride or die chica.
You, behind that glass pane
Me, holding the phone on the other side its you.
Then I clear my mind.
I go back to sleep for another ride.
In my mind I close my mind and watch me cry,
over your casket, you left me.
You went out and got shot in the streets.
Now I have nothing to do and its all because of you.
I loved you so much I put myself on the back burner, I was the fool.
Then I opened my eyes and kept them open,
because me and you forever is what I'm hoping.



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