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Soul Defeated

Soul defeated

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Demons Dwell


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008 with permission of the Author.

Deep down inside my demons dwell,
So secretly I've kept them well,
Where were you the night I fell?

Hell I fell deep into a hole,
Misplacing for some time my soul,
For 12 whole months they had their fun,
But can't their damage be undone?

I've laid them down to rest,
But still they burn within my chest,
They refuse to leave me in peace,
God their voices never cease!

I feel warm in the sun's brilliant light,
But fall weak by early night,
I feel safe when I'm awake,
My soul is mine and not theirs to take,

But when I recede into my bed,
They seize control of all that's in my head,
Rising quickly to their feet,
I lower my head and admit defeat.


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