Hurting Poem

Fighting In Relationship

There is always a negative aspect of love: fighting and hurt

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Two Countries


Published: December 2007

Two countries like shadows
fight every day
without end
cold and cruel
one the other.
They are linked with a chain
but the rings are rusty.
They burden and crawl the souls,
bleeding the once common dreams.
Some thoughts, similar actions and reactions
permanent battles without winner
because the opponents have the same character.
And where this battle will lead,
No one knows.
Truth and lie become one
swearing enemies till the end.
Endless games of pain and revenge
but without reason.
Egoisms and reactions
dumb reminders of a forgotten vow.
But look, they are fighting again
silently, with piercing looks
that hide words sharp as knives,
and bleed their hearts.
Two countries like shadows
fight every day.

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