Flower Poem

The Comfort Of Flowers

I was a 5th grader when I wrote the poem. I had never had a real friend, and I always used to be teased about little things. When the day came that our teacher asked us to write a poem about how we feel, or about something that bothers us, I was head-in. I came up with this and I was proud because it actually came from me, from my heart. My teacher fell in love with it, and so did I. I sent it to a poem contest in 2005 and it was selected fro publication. Hope you like it, I know I still do.

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Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

You might think
A bunch of plants
Are not special
In any way.

But to me
Flowers are beautiful
They calm me down
Like my best friend.

Their scent is so nice
It makes me feel so happy
Some flowers have a strong smell
I think I will faint!

When I am sad
The flowers are my help
They might just sit there
But they speak a million words.

Of comfort and happiness
A flower feels like a friend
It listens to me
And makes me feel loved!


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