Religious Poem

Poem For Everyone Who Has Lost A Loved One

This poem was written for everyone who has lost a loved one. There will come a day when we'll never have to say good bye again. God Bless

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What If

© more by Kathy J Parenteau

Published: August 2013

What if the world ended in a fiery blaze, mountains
crumbled to the ground,
and all that was left is a lingering haze
not a whisper nor a sound?
Just a vast barren emptiness
as it was before time began,
before there were stars and sunlight
oceans rivers or man.
Yet not sorrow fills our souls
and in triumph our voices sing,
glory be to our father above,
creator of all things.
We're drawn to a light of luminous glow
and there beyond heaven's gates,
the river of life endlessly flows and our mansions
in heaven await.
Souls reunite once parted by death
to be divided never again,
rejoice in harmony for his promise he kept
to all that believed in him.



more by Kathy J Parenteau

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