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Caring For The Earth

Our Earth is our provider. Our foundation. Our inspiration. But it is most commonly known for being our home. Would you ever destroy your own house? That sounds crazy - of course not! Then, why do we do it to our own planet? We, as humankind, need to take care of our Earth for the rest of the time that we have on it. We are obligated to our actions and need to make sure that we are only doing positive things to our Earth and maintaining its natural beauty. After all, it won't last forever. :)

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For Generations To Come


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the author.

Oh, just look out the window already!
It takes a unique person to notice.
Most simply cannot see all the glory.
A Viewpoint changes when you adjust your focus.

The typical small things in life are missed -
A flower, blade of grass, the cotton-like clouds.
When you look around, you'll truly be blissed.
Praise nature, her beauty, sights and sounds!

Frequently we're careless human beings,
Caught destroying irreplaceable Earth.
We need to start saving, not deceiving,
Our home, our love, our place we've stayed from birth.

As I write this poem in desperation,
I demand future collaboration.


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