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My name is Anna and I wrote this poem about how people see and they don't hear. It's really something hard to explain. I wish I didn't have to write this...it's a wee-bit embarrassing if you know what I mean.

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What Things Are


Published: October 2012

The flickering sound only halts
With the clattering sound of rain
As my clock joins in the waltz
Falling on my window pane

The rain falls on 'til moonlight
When I am fast asleep
And the clock ticks all the night
With dreams I've kept and keep

The sound is something new to hear
As I never listen to my ear
I only listen to my eyes
And hear none of the thunder cries!

I close my eyes and I understand-
For the first time in my life
The rain joins in the fife!
My thoughts, joined by the clock hand

I am blind and I don't care
I'm breathing in my newfound air
For I see things not for what I'm seeing
But for everything they're being!


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