Environment Poem

Healing Properties Of A Clean Environment

After taking a walk through a nearby park, I realized my blood pressure and stress levels were down. I realized just how important our environment is. Just think what it would be like if our environment were clean.

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The Brink

Sylvia Stults © more by Sylvia Stults

Published: March 12, 2020

Take a walk inside a park or
Jaunt a forgotten trail.
Close your eyes and listen.
Take a deep breath and exhale.

For nature's call invites you.
It's peaceful and serene.
It heals the body deep within
Naturally, not by artificial means.

Aromatherapy businesses
Would all be obsolete.
Your pharmaceutical agencies
Would drop significantly.

Hospitals could concentrate on
Healing the terminally ill
Instead of fighting illnesses
Brought on by pollution's will.

Saving the environment
Is bigger than you think.
It not only affects society;
It pulls health from the brink.


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